Friday, May 25, 2018

The Disability Weekend Link-up: Memorial Day 2018 edition

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  1. Anxiety, guilt, and sadness. These are the three tough emotions that parents face when their child wants to move into a group home. In this week's post, I offer insight for parents who are ready to change what they can about those feelings, and to accept what they cannot change.

  2. Ellen, please, delete my post if it is not appropriate (the free memberships one– number 5 ). If it is not, I apologize. In my latest post, I reviewed a psychology website that supports parents with everyday parenting issues (coping with emotions, preventing bullying, social skills...). Not special needs specific, but I have still found some of their tips useful with my son who has special needs. And I´m definitely using their resources with my daughter who is neurotypical. They provided me with some free memberships to giveaway. Nobody needs to be subscribed to my blog to enter, so I thought it would be a nice opportunity for some parents out there who could benefit from this.

  3. Sorry, number 6!!! Not 5 as I said in my comment before


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