Monday, March 19, 2018

Thirteen years of one amazing girl

On Saturday, we celebrated Sabrina's bat mitzvah. It was a beautiful day. Sabrina was so confident and poised at the service she lead—and aced—in the morning. Max did his part opening up the ark. Ben did laps, and afterward the rabbi joked that if anyone ever got lost in the sanctuary they could follow the trail of Cheerios he'd left. 

Sabrina was glowing and giddy-happy during her party at night. We were all giddy-happy, and seriously proud of her. This is the montage I made to celebrate our girl; Sabrina was excited for me to share it.


  1. Sabrina,
    Congratulations on your special day!!! I loved your video so much. You really have had some incredible experiences! From farm stays to island adventures to fishing and sailing... and, my favorite, shuffle boarding in formal princess attire. :-) You really are a beautiful girl and it's so clear through these photos that you love your family so much.
    Kate Leong

  2. Sabrina - thanks for sharing part of your special day. You are a wonderful sister, daughter, and friend.

  3. Congratulations on such a monumental day in her life Ellen. I'm sure I'm not a lone when I say that I'm grateful you were able to share bits of this special day w/ those unable to join in the festivities. Warm regards & much love to your daughter & family :) - R

  4. Happy Birthday/Congratulations Sabrina!

  5. She looks absolutely beautiful! Congratulations to her!


  6. Great montage! Want to see more pics of the big day! Love love loved her dress!

  7. Yes!!! We all love love love that Sabrina! Watching her grow up has been a joy


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