Wednesday, November 1, 2017

It happened on Halloween: True or False?

Ben actually kept his costume on all evening: True or False

"I need to do my homework! It's more important than trick-or-treating!" Sabrina scolded me when I asked if she wanted to walk around the neighborhood with me, Dave, Ben and Max: True or False

Max never wore a costume at all: True or False

Ben repeated "Pumpkin! New pumpkin! Pumpkin!" every five minutes: True or False

Ben almost ate one of those light sticks when we weren't looking: True or False

Max started saying "Hellloooooooooo" to people in this creepy voice to be scary: True or False

Max can't eat Goldfish crackers so easily but at the house offering them up, he took a bag for Benjamin: True or False

"I like your costume!" people told Fireman Max. "It's not a costume!" he responded, because after all, he is Fireman Max: True or False

All together we collected eleventy billion pounds of Halloween candy and someone needs to come take it away right now: True or False


Give yourself zero points for every "False" and swipe two treats from your child's Halloween stash for every "True."


  1. I love it!!�� and except for having a real fireman, it sounds like my house. I may have to get a real fireman if I can get one as cute as yours! My little grandson had the monkey costume and I love if! I know you are happy Sabrina wanted to be in on the fun. You never know at her age when it’s going to be the “last”. Sweet memories.

  2. Sabrina, how are you wearing shorts! Unless it was about 1000 degrees warmer where you live. Also Ben is absolutely adorable

  3. such a cute creative post......thanks! Adorable pics too.

  4. Love this post! I'm glad you guys had such a fun evening! My son loved running up to the houses and getting an extra piece for his little sister when she couldn't get to the door in her wheelchair!


  5. False; true; false; true; true; true; true; true; false.

    I'll assume 1 point for "True" though I need to check. So I have six.

    And lots of Australians are wearing shorts at the moment. Not I, though.

    Paige: that is great E was able to get extra candy with her brother.


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