Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Now I realize what's missing from my life, and it is: parties

Sunday, we had friends over to celebrate Ben's second birthday. Among the afternoon's highlights: Sabrina and other kids taught Ben the "bom bom bom" refrain of "Sweet Caroline," Max ate about one quarter of the cake (no joke), Ben tried our mini trampoline and gave out lots of kisses, and Max and his grandpa brought over a platter of sandwiches to our fire department. That night, as I finished cleaning up, I was on a bliss high. I really enjoy throwing parties, but I hardly do.

Party boy
When we first moved to our house fourteen years ago, when I was pregnant with Max, we were part of a local newcomers' club and one Saturday night we had dozens of people over for a super-fun potluck party. Then we had Max and for the longest time, Dave and I didn't feel much like socializing. As the years passed, we threw regular birthday parties for the kids. On occasion, we'd have families over for holiday celebrations. I hosted end-of-school parties and Girl Scout gatherings. Dave threw a surprise party for one of my birthdays, I threw one for him.

On weekends, we have fun, for sure. Once in a while, we have friends over for barbecues. But we also get caught up in a whirlwind of chores, activities and events for the kids, Max's longtime Saturday morning speech therapy, and oh yes, that most sacred of all things, Ben's naptime. Dave and I get out alone, but we are not so great at making plans with friends because sometimes, anything that takes even just a little extra legwork falls to the wayside.

Last year, we celebrated Max's bar mitzvah, which was one outstanding party. I'm planning Sabrina's for March. I love, love, love these events—how often do you have a whole lot of people you adore all gathered for a happy occasion? Not often enough, I thought as I put away dishes the other night. Usually, it's for those rare life milestones. Lately, though, with so much grim and unsettling news, I feel like we should be living it up a lot more often. There's nothing like a party with friends for having pure fun, and reminding you of how fortunate you are. Also: wine.

So I'm putting a few more things on my to-do list, and they are throw more dinner parties and also get a big crowd of people over for some random let's-celebrate-life blowout bash. I'm not sure when, but it's happening.

Who's in?


  1. Yes! We need to throw more parties in our home too! I feel like I always over think the logistics of everything and then never do it, but you'll never know until you get over the hurdle and go for it!


  2. This is not my thing, but I have a friend who throws "Friday Night Meatballs". She has a signup sheet on google, invites a large circle of friends, and anyone who wants to can sign up. She doesn't do it every Friday, but many Fridays. Her husband makes the meatballs, people bring friends of friends and a dish to share.

    I am an extreme introvert, but I do believe that people who throw parties build community and I love that my friend does are FNM's


Thanks for sharing!

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