Thursday, October 19, 2017

Conversations with a teenager

[Me, pointing to a shirt on Max's dresser]: "Max, do you like the shirt that I got you?"
Max: "I saw it yesterday."
Me: "Yes, but do you like it?"
Max: "I saw it yesterday."
Me: "OK, but do you like it?"
Max: "NO!"

Max [pointing to Ben's food after finishing his dinner]: "I'm hungry!"
Me: "OK, so you want what Ben's eating?
Max: "Yes!"

Occupational therapist: "Max, you have to listen to me because I'm the boss."
Max: "I'm the boss!"
OT [laughing]: "Hey, I'm the boss!"
Max [laughing]: "I'm. The. Boss!"

Me: "Your iPad is almost out of power."
Max: "I know!"

Me: "You have to wash your hands."
Max: "I know!"

Me: "We have a doctor appointment in the morning."
Max: "I know!"

Me: "Max, do you want hair gel?"
Max: "Yes! Las Vegas, too!" [As in, he will require copious amounts of hair gel for his upcoming trip in December to Las Vegas.]

Max: "I'm hungry!"
Me: "So you want more dinner?"
Max: "Milkshake!"
Me: "Um, that's not dinner food."
Max: "Yes it is! It's very good!"

Max: "Daddy and I are going out Friday night!"
Me: "Can I come?"
Max: "No!"
Me: "Aw, come on!"
Max: "No thank you!"

Me: "Max, stand still, I just want to get rid of that pimple on your chin!"

Me: "Max, you have to do your homework."
Max: "I'm tired."
Me: "I get it, but you still have to do your homework."
Max: "I'm going to sleep!"
Me: "But Max, you have to do your homework."
Max: "Tomorrow! Bye!"

Me: "Max, have you seen my phone?"
Max: "Yes!" [Trots over to the other side of the room and grabs it.]
Me: "Doh! Max, I am always losing my phone and you're always finding it!"
Max: "I know!"

Max: "What are we doing Saturday?"
Me: "I'm not sure yet."
Max: "What are we doing Sunday?"
Me: "I'm not sure yet."
Max: "What are we doing Saturday?"
[Repeat, repeat, repeat]

Max: "Hey! You wore that shirt yesterday!"
Me: "Yep. I was tired this morning and just put it on."
Max: "Need new shirt!"

Max: "I'm hungry!"
Me: "Would you like some strawberries?"
Max: "Ice-cream!"


  1. This gave me the giggles. May the trials and tribulations of the teenage years get no worse than this!!

    1. I don't recall setting up that moniker to comment here, but I guess I must have! It's Leslie O'Donnell, by the way. :-)

  2. Hey, Leslie! Yah, I'm hoping that too. I'm at capacity with one teen, one tween and one toddler!!!

  3. He is so fun! I can't wait for these exchanged to happen in our home!



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