Friday, September 8, 2017

The Disability Blogger Weekend Link-up: Back to school edition

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  1. #11: Cal Montgomery wrote a response to the Behaviour Babe and some A.B.A. based cards which were made by students and others in the field.

    #13: #wordlesswednesday - that is my work on the 6 September 2017.

    #14: On Grandin's birthday I had written a #festschrift which is the German word for "academic celebration". One thing I didn't say which happens near the end of Emergence [1986] was when she went to a cattle summit and found it hard to communicate in German while she was in Vienna. I think it is near the Working - Coping - Surviving chapter.

    And the putative #15 is from the Thinking Persons' Guide. It is the Gernsbacher study about puzzle pieces and how the general public reacts negatively to them.

    Other interesting links would include Kirsty Russell's travel series - she is releasing a new travel book - about Parkes and the Taronga Western Plains Zoo - in New South.

    Old Wales is great - with the songs and the male choirs.

    And I read Independence Chick on "Inclusion versus Integrity of the Activity". It made me think a lot about theatre like Back to Back Theatre [Geelong] and Company A [which is in Adelaide and run by Katherine Annear and others]. And in Canada there are lots of integrated dance/theatre/arts groups.

    If you have visited regularly you'll notice IndependenceChick changed her background. I had previously associated that background with Astrid van Woerkom of BloggingAstrid fame.

    Also it is the Asia Pacific Autism Conference weekend in Sydney. Following the Twitter feeds of various colleagues, friends and good people. It is every two years and in 2015 it was in Brisbane.


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