Wednesday, December 28, 2016

The Love That Max year in review

In January, Max became the boss of usI had to answer a hard question about his development and he drank the whole pina colada.

In February, Max modeled an outfit from Tommy Hilfiger's new line of clothing for kids with special needs and I discovered 9 hacks for getting insurance companies to pay for your child's therapies.

In March, I figured out a fun way to get Max to eat, he did an amazing presentation at his school and he picked up a skill not in any development books: teasing his mom.

In April, Max had his bar mitzvahI refused to help him at the supermarket for good reason; and a bunch of parents and advocates took a stand against a comedian who mocked people with disability.

In May, Max aced his first Special Olympics and in honor of Mother's Day I gave myself props for always noticing we are running out of toilet paper.

In June, I took a stand against the entire month of June, wished that people could learn this from a viral video about a girl with disability and shared a great guest post about having a clingy child by Amy Silverman, author of My Heart Can't Even Believe It, and another post by Tony Bombacino, a dad who created a food company for his tube-fed son.

In July, Max learned to tap dance, and I shared 20 wishes parents of children with special needs often have.

In August, I pondered what we could do in the aftermath of the Japan massacre of people with disability, asked you to share your children's latest milestones so we could all celebrate them and debuted Bad Moms: Special needs parents edition.

In September, I celebrated a child with Down syndrome on the cover of Parents magazine, wished this viral video hadn't made people cry, shared the best therapies for children with cerebral palsy and brain injury from a top doctor and tried not to worry about Max's future (but didn't succeed).

In October, I decided that nobody has to give my child pity donuts, thanked God that we had found a house of worship that welcomes children with special needs, forgave Max for that time he tried to get me arrested and shared extreme baby dancing cuteness from Ben plus urged people to vote for him for president.

In November, I started looking at high schools, felt grateful that I could enjoy the baby's development without comparing it to Max's, explained why why there's no such thing as "age-appropriate" for a child with special needs and somehow managed to put together a holiday gift and toy guide for children with special needs.

In December, I wished that everyone saw Max like his baby brother does, felt awed that Max had walked across an entire bridge and mused on how sometimes it just takes one open-minded person to change our children's world.

Here's to a new year filled with happiness, good health, milestones, inchstones, good insurance karma, a whole lot of fun and people who see our children for the awesome children they are.  xoxo


  1. Really enjoy hearing and seeing the growth and change in Max. Keep going in 2017 Max.

  2. What an amazing year for that boy! I"ve loved getting to know you and your family, and all your amazing advice this last year, can't wait to see what blessings 2017 brings for you!


    1. Thank you! Paige, wishing you and your beautiful family many good things in 2017!


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