Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Suddenly, he's got teen 'tude

Sabrina mastered the eye roll years ago, along with that tone of voice that implies she knows everything and you don't. Max, he's never given me attitude, until lately. And as with all his developments, I'm psyched. Er, mostly?

Like many teens, Max has been caring more about his appearance in recent months. He is into hair gel, long showers and, as of last week, minty-fresh toothpaste. Gratefully, he is still not into brand-name clothes or sneakers that require you to take out a second mortgage, unlike some siblings who shall remain nameless.

And now, he has acquired that world-weary tone of voice. "I know!" he regularly tells me when I ask for something, although he does it with a smile.

Also: He's got a crush. I don't think he'll mind if I mention her name, especially since you may already know her.

The other week, our family attended Arthur Ashe Kids' Day at the U.S. Open as guests of Emirates Airline. There were a whole lot of activities, including face-painting (Max got a fire truck on his hand), balloon artistry, juggling and one memorable event in which Max rallied with a tennis pro.

Afterward, we watched a show sponsored by Radio Disney. Suddenly, Max squealed. Laura Marano, of Austin & Ally fame, had stepped onto the stage; she was hosting. And when I say that Max did not take his eyes off her any time she came onto the stage, I am not exaggerating. He kept asking if he could meet her. Given that we couldn't, we photo-stalked her instead.

And then, Max was home sick last week. He wanted to watch a movie. He said the name repeatedly as he pointed to his head. I had no idea what he meant until he typed it out: Bad Hair Day. Starring, wait for it, Laura Marano. He relished every minute of that movie. Hey, Laura Marano, I know a nice boy for you!

In other news, I'm getting on Max's nerves, as moms of teens have a tendency to do. "Chug! Chug! Chug!" I chanted to get Max to down some water when it was hot the other day. He looked at me.

"I'm annoying, right?" I said.

"Yes!" he agreed.

"Say it: 'uh-noy-ing!'" I requested, because I am always trying to get him to enunciate words.

Max said some semblance of the word.

I'm enabling his 'tude? What?!

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