Tuesday, September 6, 2016

10 back-to-school things you'll never hear special needs moms say

Ten statements you will never hear special needs moms say as our children head back to school.

"OMG! He can't go back to school yet! He hasn't watched nearly enough TV!"

"I am not looking forward to dealing with routine again. I vastly prefer a lack of structure and chaos."

"What will I have to talk about during the day now that nobody is around to keep asking when we're going to Disney/what's for snack/what time Daddy is coming home/what the plans are for the birthday party/[insert child's preferred phrase of repetition]?"

"Finishing the summer break homework right before the bus pulls up to the house is a great way to kick off the school year."

"But wait! He didn't look at his iPad enough, either!"

"I'm so proud I provided my child with a summer of intellectually-stimulating activities. Trips to the ice-cream store count, right?" 

"Is it too early to say I can't make it to back-to-school night?"

"I will miss the meltdowns."

"I am seriously psyched for the IEP!"

"What am I going to do with all the extra time on my hands?"

Image source: Scott Beale, Laughing Squid


  1. The 4th one is one you will definitely see in action by lots of high school students and even some college students.

  2. And that doesn't even take driving to extracurriculars into account!

  3. One thing you will never hear a college student with hearing loss say: "oh I love when my FM system refuses to charge." That is me right now, cranky at Phonak.

    1. A few things you will never hear a high school student with hearing loss say "oh yay my hearing aids still haven't come yet! | Well I'll just listen harder, the teacher doesn't really need the FM does she? No! | Huh, I forgot batteries, well I'll just go the day not hearing a word and not learning at all! | oh I don't need an interpreter I'm fine just lip reading." That's been me the past two weeks. Ugh

    2. Ugh. :( why haven't they come in yet? But my FM got fixed- the user guide had the wrong directions for putting the charger together.

    3. Yeah. It came in today. That's good that it's fixed. And I saw my BSL teacher today, then Mr. McCarthy, Jack and I went on an adventure to the SPED office

  4. One Thing You Will Never Hear from an Autistic Band Student:

    I am good at back marching 6 to 5s!

    1. Same. It's my first year of marching band too .-. Uh oh

    2. Hang in there, no band student likes back marching 6 to 5s. They'll be second nature to you in a couple months and you'll have rockin' calf muscles! Brings back memories of backward and crab-marching (sideways, I was a bass drum player) 6 to 5s. I can almost feel the calf cramps.

      I digress, as a former band nerd with ADD - Paying attention to the music, set, drum major, people on either side of me, the flute player I had a crush on, etc was actually great for me. I think it's one of those times where the excessive stimulation can make someone with ADD focus well.

  5. And 'no! of course you can't have McDonalds as a special first-day-back-at-school treat'... ;)

  6. Things you'll never hear a student with ADD say (speaking from experience):
    "I love keeping track of homework deadlines"
    "I always finish homework ahead of time, and never procrastinate"


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