Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Good ways to thank your kid's teacher

Max's school is over in a few weeks, and I've been thinking about a good way to show his amazing teacher my appreciation. I gave money to a class gift, as I did for Sabrina. I contributed to the school staff appreciation lunch. But I'd like to do something special for someone who has been a tremendous influence on Max, and not just scholastically.

A while ago, Max started telling me he was a "smart guy." That was because his teacher, who he's had for two years now, is always telling him that. She cares so much about his success. She is open to requests, like when I thought Max needed more homework to help reinforce math. She is always quick to respond to emails. She has an excellent sense of humor, the kind of teacher that parents are grateful for, too. Nothing seems like quite enough to thank her for all that she's done for Max.

I was reading a Facebook string of comments the other days about teacher gifts. Parents often give gift cards for spa treatments. But hands down, said people who are actually teachers, the most memorable gifts are notes from the parents and the kids themselves.

Max and I will each be writing cards, and likely giving an gift card, too. One fun thing I've had the kids do for our babysitter over the years that I might try for his teacher is a Top 10 List Of Things We Love About ____. There's also writing out an acronym, which the kids enjoy. Bonus points for making them spell! Like this:

Just so nice and friendly
Also helpful
Nobody is like her

Pinterest is packed with ideas, including boards (with links to free printables) such as this Teacher Gift Ideas and this one, Teacher Appreciation Gift, Teacher's Appreciation Gift Ideas and a bunch more.

This plant pot sign is $4.50 on Etsy for a downloadable PDF (you supply the ruler), but you can make your own, too.
What are you planning to do for your child's teacher? If you're a teacher, what would you most want?

Image source: Flickr/Nerissa Alford Designs


  1. Sweet! I love the notes from both of you, and gift cards to stores she uses are really useful.

    I wouldn't get someone a plant, especially someone who can travel during the summer. I would feel guilty for killing it, and I WOULD kill it. Also, teachers already have so much to lug home at the end of the school year.

    I once got a teacher who I knew liked manicures a gift certificate to the salon closest to school. I got it for the cost of two manicures -- one for her and one for her daughter who was also a student at the school, so they could have bonding time. And if the daughter wasn't interested, she could just buy herself two manicures. :)

    1. Ah, good point on the plant (says this infamous plant killer). Nice idea to get mani/pedi for a daughter--I know one therapist in particular who would really appreciate that.

  2. I got my resource teacher an Amazon gift card. I wonder if he uses them...

  3. A letter to the supervisor not only principal but the Head of Elementary/Secondary/Special Ed detailing how the teacher has helped your child. These people mostly hear complaints - so positive letter really stand out.

  4. I gave my learning center teacher and my teaching assistint gift cards and made them cards

  5. School is over for us already and I did printable for the first time. Everyone loved them. The ones for the aides said Thanks for keeping me on target this year and had a target gift card and the one for the teacher said I looked for teacher appreciation ideas on Pinterest so I almost gave you a life-size diorama of your classroom made out of crayons. Then I decided a gift card is better. Thanks for all you do! With a gift card in the middle. I also wrote a heartfelt letter to the teacher, she won't be my son's teacher next year so I especially wanted her to know how I felt. I also did gift cards for the therapists since they may not be with him next year either and I chose animated amazon gift cards with a note from me. Everyone loved them.


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