Thursday, April 23, 2015

How the kids have reacted to my pregnancy

The last time I was pregnant, Max was a year and a half old and while he certainly noticed my burgeoning belly, he didn't get what was going on until Sabrina came home from the hospital. So experiencing the kids' reactions has been a big part of the joy of this pregnancy so far. And, thank you for asking, I'm feeling good!

When we told them I was pregnant

"Really? There's a BABY in there?" (Sabrina)

"When can I tell my friends?" (Sabrina)

"Ig?" As in: Is it big? (Max)

Can I visit the baby in the hospital? (Max)

Can I also visit FDNY when we go to the hospital? (Max)

"Will we still take good vacations?" (Sabrina)

Can he hear my fire truck videos? (Max)

"When will the baby start liking chocolate?" (Sabrina)

The part where we asked them not to tell anyone that I was pregnant

Sabrina, every night: "Mommy! Can I tell everyone tomorrow? Please?"

Every time Sabrina had friends playing at our house: "Mommy, pleeeeeeeease, can I tell them?"

When our babysitter walked in the door the morning after we told them: Max pointed to my belly, then did this baby-rocking motion with his arms (like he did in the video). Our sitter: "Is he saying you're pregnant?!"

When we told them it was OK to tell our family, and we were at our Passover seder, and Sabrina asked: "Who's at the table who you can't see?"

When we told them it was a boy

"Waaaaaaaaaah!" (Sabrina, who had been banking on a girl)

"I'm going to be the only kid in my class with a baby brother!" (A gleeful Sabrina, five minutes later)

Can we name it Max? (Max)

Can he live in my room? (Max)

Will he get big like me? (Max)

Other stuff the kids have been doing 

Sabrina keeps texting me baby name suggestions.

Max keeps lifting my shirts up to see if my belly is getting any bigger.

Sabrina, when I eat cookies: "Should you be eating that?"

Sabrina, looking at ultrasound photos: "I think he looks like Daddy."

When I leave for work, they each kiss my belly goodbye. #melt


  1. I am sure despite the age difference Max and Sabrina will have a close relationship with their little brother.

  2. Those kids of yours are funny :)

  3. It is so exciting - My sisters are almost 16 years apart -In the 1970's, that was pretty novel - especially since, back then, my mother was considered "old"

    I remember when a good friend told her three daughters that she was pregnant - I said let me guess the two youngest were elated and the oldest (then in high school) was "like, ugh, gross!" - she cracked up and said, "exactly!"

  4. I think this has become my favorite post of the year. Max and Sabrina and their little brother who has yet to be named (just as an fyi: Kate is a great name for any sex.) will LOVE reading this when they're older!! You are such a great Mom. This baby has already won the LOTTERY!

  5. Congratulations! I love Max and Sabrina's questions and comments!

  6. So fun, Ellen. My three kids are nearly 11 years apart, though my big gap was between the first and the second. You will get a lot of help and the little one will get a lot of love and attention from his big sibs! And tell Sabrina to check out Nameberry -- though I'm betting she has already. She's welcome to write a guest blog!!

  7. Oh, wow!! Exciting!! I can relate to all of these...our older two are almost 11 and 7, and my little one is 15 months. Have you gotten any, "Was this a surprise?" invasive questions yet? I ended up just having to laugh it off after a while. You are in for such a treat...I LOVE watching my big ones interact with the little one. They are so good with her. Congratulations!! So happy for you and your family.

  8. Congratulations! I am so happy for your family.

    I am expecting a baby in October too...but don't know the gender yet :(

  9. Adorable!! Looks like baby brother is going to have some incredible older siblings. Congrats!!

  10. Oh wow, congrats!!! He will have some awesome big sibs!!

  11. Answer to one of Max's questions: Yes, he can hear your fire truck videos. Or at least, he'll be able to in a couple of months, when he's developed a bit more. Especially if you play them nice and loud!

    Hearing the outside world (okay, maybe a little muffled) begins in utero, and contributes to language learning even before birth! So the new little brother, once he arrives, may even find the sound of fire truck videos comforting and familiar, if Max has been playing them for him in the pre-birth months. Whether you want to encourage Max to immediately start training his brother to be a fire truck video-watching companion is up to you, but research data shows that it's possible.

    Many congrats!


  12. How did I miss this??? Congratulations!!!! Amazing news!!! Thrilled for all of you. xo

  13. I'm so excited for you. I've been rooting for this for YEARS!

  14. I am so happy for you and your whole family.

  15. Wow! Brilliant news...congratulations to you all. xxx

  16. This was an awesome read. and Congratulations!! To you and your entire family.
    Mike ><>

  17. Fun to read and HUGE congratulations to your whole family!

  18. Congratulations!! So fun to read...

  19. Ellen....
    Holy smokes.... You are pregnant?! Wow, I missed that memo in yesterday's video!! {Which I did eventually watch!!} Congrats, congrats, congrats, Friend!! Here's to an easy pregnancy.... Here's to a healthy baby BOY!! ;-D
    Love you later, Raelyn

    1. PS. I cannot wait to "meet" this precious little one!! ;)

  20. Congratulations! I've been reading through your blog recently and enjoying it. I have a three year old boy and I am currently pregnant with a little girl with holoprosencephaly. I hope to have a third child too. Enjoy that baby! :)


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