Friday, January 9, 2015

The Special Needs Blogger Weekend Link-up: Put 'em up!

What to do if you're new here

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Like this: Love That Max: The Hopes You Never Think To Have

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Happy linking!


  1. Sorry for the "Kevin Jeffer" post name -- still a newbie :-(

  2. I posted two links this week (I hope that's ok). The first "You're in my spot" was in reaction to seeing a lot of people misusing the handicapped parking over the cold holiday/post holiday rush. The second "The best thing ever" was inspired by cleaning out the photos on my hard drive...I found some old ones from the week before our 20 week ultrasound--the first indication we had that Esmé may not be the healthy child we just assumed we would have. Thanks!!

  3. Looking forward to reading all these links this weekend :)

  4. Another great link up! Making my way through the posts. Have a great week-end everyone!

  5. Hey Ellen!
    My post this week was a sort-of continuation of the "would you quit saying special needs?!" post from last week.
    I was wondering if something is up with your email service? I haven't received any emails from you (- I subscribe to your posts).
    xo meriah

    1. Hey, Meriah! Happy 2015! I'm not sure why—maybe check spam? Resubscribe? I haven't changed anything.

  6. Thanks Ellen. Today, Dexter celebrates two years cancer clear! Its a great day. He had hepatoblastoma. Happy weekend.

  7. Hi Everyone and thanks for the opportunity to share, Ellen! I posted today some reflections on the idea of the 'transparent self' - that in order to give great care, you have to make yourself transparent as you become hyper aware of your vulnerable child, or as I described, my Mom who is 93. But it's the same for Nick, our son with severe CP. Thanks for reading!

  8. made a mistake linking..doing it again!

  9. Thanks for the link. I love reading stories of families living lives similar to mine. We are a large family with all of my kids having significant disabilities some of whom are now adults meaning I have gone from start to never finished....


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