Friday, January 16, 2015

The Special Needs Blogger Weekend Link-up: Post, read, relate!

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Like this: Best guest post ever: It's from Fireman Max

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Happy linking!


  1. Thank you for hosting once again! In #6, I shared about our cochlear implant progress. My daughter was activated 2 months ago and it's an amazing process.

  2. Thanks Ellen. I linked to a post i wrote called The Difference Between Champions and Non-Champions

  3. I learned a few things when I attended my first ever autism conference: thanks for the opportunity to share.

  4. It was just my daughter Esmé's fourth birthday. I spent a good part of the last week of posts giving an over-view of each of her beautiful years...all of the gains and the trials. I posted the one from this last year, the previous posts about her first, second, and third years are interesting too. As is the one after, about how many people have been a part of helping her get this far.

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  6. I posted #28 because even though it may not seem to relate much to raising disabled kids, it relates to the simplistic ways many people think about what is and isn't a disability. This is especially true for people with "hidden" disabilities.

  7. Thank you for this amazing collection of courageous writing!


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