Friday, November 21, 2014

The Special Needs Blogger Weekend Link-up: Your virtual hangout

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  1. This week I posted about communication breakdowns (when you say something but the person that you're speaking to doesn't understand) and repairs (when you fix that, by repeating yourself or explaining in a different way). For kids who can't speak clearly, communication breakdowns happen all. the. time. This post includes an AAC page that was entirely programmed to help the child learn to fix communication breakdowns (with phrases like "That's not what I said." and "Let me give you a clue"). It also has a great downloadable social story about communication breakdown (which has pictures of my kid and her talker, but you can customize it for your child!).


  2. Thanks Ellen. I linked to a post I wrote about the Tania Clarence triple murder.

  3. Thanks for the link-up. I have not been posting on my blog lately, but I've added several posts over the past week. The latest one is the one I linked to (Mr. Independent). My sensory kiddo is doing fantastic at school this year and the post (and the one linked to it within the post) is a brag post about it (because yes, it is a big deal).

  4. Thanks for the link-up. My latest post is part 2 of my early intervention experience with my son Joshua.

  5. Thanks for hosting this link up. Looking forward to finding different blogs. I forgot to add my post title Problems With Processing. I have only just started blogging on my website Jamarah Creations and started the website to provide people with a place to buy Weighted Blankets and Sensory products. Hope you have a great weekend Sarah


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