Thursday, October 30, 2014

Goodnight Moon: Special Needs Edition

Goodnight room
Goodnight moon
Goodnight cow with walker jumping over the moon 
Goodnight accessible-switch light
And the red balloon
And the $19 big-handled spoon
And the potential new O.T. who promised to call soon

Goodnight straw honey bear
Goodnight adaptive seating chair
Goodnight noise-reducing headphones
Goodnight keyboard he likes to bang on...groan
Goodnight kittens
And goodnight ill-fitting mittens

Goodnight clocks
Goodnight extra-long foot brace socks
Goodnight sensory-friendly bite blocks
Goodnight EpiPen
Goodnight laundry pile (times ten)
Goodnight to his BFF, the TV
And goodnight to the picture he colored and signed—squee!

Goodnight DAFOs
Goodnight forms for HMOs
Goodnight overpriced enabling toy
Goodnight therapeutic exercises I skipped, oy
Goodnight meds
Goodnight depressing special needs guides we should shred
Goodnight big blue exercise ball
And goodnight living room where we first saw him crawl

Goodnight comb
Goodnight brush handle made more graspable with foam
Goodnight toothpaste (eeep, did he swallow it?!)
Goodnight shirt tag that made him pitch a fit
Goodnight IEP
Goodnight foods that are gluten-free
And goodnight fire truck/car wash/purple/spaghetti obsession, OMG

Goodnight storyboard
Goodnight chunky crayons that I hoard
Goodnight 300 sippy cups I bought to help him drink independently but none work
Goodnight gloomy doctor who told us he'd never walk or talk—jerk!
Goodnight heavy-duty bibs
And the Easy Reader books I love (OK, that's a fib) 
Goodnight starch-thickened mush
And goodnight to the old lady
Who used a communication app to whisper "hush" 

Goodnight stars
Goodnight kicking the chair
Goodnight saintly therapists and teachers everywhere

Requisite disclaimer: This book doesn't actually exist, but it's all real


  1. Love the updated version;) Congratulations on your anniversary:) Max has inspired us and you have made us laugh, cry, and think....I still wonder all the time how you even have time to pen this every night. Then I remember It's a labor of love and a crusade like everything else you do for your family;)

  2. Okay, you need to run this one to the publisher. I would buy 100 copies!

  3. LOL to "Lady to used a communication app to whisper 'hush'"!

  4. shared with the faculty at my school. I am a high school teacher and my students have severe disabilities.

  5. This is brilliant! A mixture of laughter and tears as I read it.��

  6. Love "Goodnight cow with walker jumping over the moon" lol


  7. Wow! This touched my heart and made me smile.


Thanks for sharing!

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