Friday, September 12, 2014

The Special Needs Blogger Weekend Link-up: At your service

Welcome to the link-up, your post's home away from home. Settle in, put your feet up, make yourself comfortable.

What to do

Scroll all the way down to the bottom of this post. Where it says "Your name" put the name of the blog followed by the title of the post (or just the name of the post, if there's no room—you get 80 characters).

Like this: Love That Max: Max wants to be first and we let him. Is that so wrong?

Where it says "Your URL" put the direct link to the post.

Click "Enter." Leave a comment if you want to say more. Go check out some great posts.

Happy linking!


  1. Thanks, Ellen. Dexter's at #3 this week. Today, his sister pushed him to the park. She's not 2, yet, but already knows Dexter needs some extra support. Happy Weekend!

  2. Thanks, Ellen. My post is at #8. It is about the [not so surprising but somewhat surprising] results from taking our younger son for an evaluation at the developmental center where his brother was evaluated at last year.


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