Monday, July 14, 2014

Tips to make outings easier for kids with autism (and other kids too)

Running errands or going on outings with a child who has autism or other special needs may result in tears (theirs and yours). Back when Max was little, a trip to the local diner was typically a total disaster, with him running out of there shrieking. I know how hard it can be, so I was glad to come upon this video with tips for errands and outings—grocery shopping, restaurants, the mall, the zoo—for kids with autism from psychologist Sharon Hollander, PsyD, at Children's Specialized Hospital. It's the largest provider of autism services in New Jersey, and a leader in early identification, research and effective treatments.

The video is part of the Real Life Tips for Kids With Autism series, which includes 26 short videos; you can browse them here. Shout out to Kohl's, for helping to fund the vidoes through Kohl's Autism Awareness, part of the Kohl's Cares program. Now I love that store even more.

Image: Flickr/meltsley


  1. Love these tips? I agree, shout out to Kohl's and to Children's Specialized Hospital

  2. Goingg shoppingg therre more!!!!!

  3. Snacks helped me. I like white cheddar cheese puffs.


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