Monday, February 3, 2014

Those special need parent OMG moments

"He likes purple, purple and purple." That's me responding to the lady at the art studio who asked which color Max would want to use. We were at Sabrina's birthday party yesterday, and Max wanted to paint.

Art birthday parties are always a good reality check about how much progress Max has made using his hands and fingers. When he was little he couldn't grasp the paintbrush independently, but now I watched him happily mzkinb purple strokes on the canvas. Come to think of it, when he was little birthday parties at places like that used to scare him and it took a lot of coaxing to get him in, let alone paint.

Dipping the brush: Another amazing feat of fine-motor skills

Then Max decided what he really wanted to do was fingerprint. Again, this was wow-worthy. I watched him isolate one finger, then spread all of them wide. It used to be that Max's hands only relaxed like that while he was sleeping but lately, I've seen him purposefully open them up.

Both kids' hands are yummy; I have been known to nibble on them. (Not when they are full of paint.) 

Sabrina was busy making Sculpty creations

The most surprising thing of all happened when Max decided to tap into his inner Picasso (or Rauschenberg or Monet or whoever painted in purple) and dump water onto the canvas, so he could play around. I have never seen him pour before. I had no idea he could do it. But, look:

He held onto that plastic container for dear life but he did not drop it. It took a lot of dexterity and control, and I was awed, proud and just plain thrilled. Yes, it might have been easier for him to use two hands but he doesn't always do that spontaneously. His right hand is weaker, and unless I prompt "Two hands, Max!" he likes to keep the right one resting on his stomach, a la Napoleon Bonaparte. Though Max is far cuter.

Who knows, Max may have already been pouring at school; I'll have to ask at this week's parent-teacher conference. I've sometimes found, over the years, that Max is a lot more independent at school than he is around me and Dave. Once, years ago, I came to visit his class during lunchtime and walked in to find Max sitting at his desk, contentedly spooning food into his mouth. "He feeds himself?!" I said to the teacher. At home, Max only wanted me or Dave to feed him. "Of course!" she answered, puzzled by my reaction.

I will forever remember the art studio as the place where I first saw Max pour. He can't be far off from learning how to whip up drinks. I'll have mine shaken, not stirred.


  1. Colour me impressed. Great job Max.

  2. Well done Max!! :) Keep up the great work!

  3. And he's a lefty, too! Go Max!

  4. Good job, Max, on your grip! I'll work on mine so I can get better at rock climbing!

  5. My little guy has been in the preschool for over 6 months now. I am impressed on the things they work on. All of a sudden he will do something that I was shocked he could do. I'm really with the school and so glad that it's in our area and that they value children like ours. Even the winter concert was amazing. My little guy was the only one who couldn't hack it, but watching Max and the other kids play piano and during the hands up song! I really hope my son succeeds like Max has and am so hopeful for him especially because of the school we have.

  6. Have you ever tried stamping? Because I have a handle that is made out of a door stopper and it is really easy for me to use.

  7. Way to go Max! In health today we watched the documentary "King Gimp" about a man with cerebal palsy. It was good despite the fact it is outdated Dan was born in 1973 and the filming started when he was 12 and continued for 13 years. Everyone thought it was sad but I did not what is sad about someone overcoming boundries, becoming independent and beating the odds. Also alot of people laughed which angered me. And I have no idea why we watched it besides that it is the 2nd day of the semester and we had a sub. Also this morning boys were talking about the Super Bowl and one said "I dont know how the Seahawks could have won. They have a deaf guy." And I gave a little speel. It was kind of foolish of them to talk bad about hearing impairments/deafness in front of 2 people who wear hearing aids including one who plays sports.(Not me)

  8. Go Max!!!!! Love your art creativity. I remember seeing Cooper use a drink bottle at his Nanas for the first time which he would never do at home! he actually hid behind the couch so I wouldn't see!

  9. It's time for .... PUDDING PAINTING! YES! Big sheet of paper, cup of pudding and watch Max do his best finger painting ever! Great for writing names in the pudding "paint" and then eating up the mess. He might lick the table.

  10. Lefties rule (literally, there are quite a few lefty presidents although the lefty population is small - lefties shine)


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