Thursday, January 16, 2014

Evil mom, for a good cause

Max has never seen a show in an arena. Once, Dave tried to take him to a football game, but Max was too terrified to even step into the entryway and they quickly left. A gigantic crowd, loud sounds and a humongous new place are one scary combo for a kid with sensory issues.

Then Disney on Ice came to the Prudential Center, an indoor arena (darkness = scarier yet). Still, I knew Max would love it, if he could push past his fears. After all, he'd seen a movie at an indoor theater for the first time last summer and Disney Junior—Live on Stage! in December. So I decided I was going to lure him there. [Insert evil cackle here.]

I repeatedly showed him Disney on Ice videos on YouTube.

I said the following sentence at least eleventy billion times: "Max can wear his headphones to see Disney on Ice!" (Max is all about repetition, you may recall.)

I tried reverse psychology: I told him he could stay home, and I would just take Sabrina.

I hummed "When you wish upon a star." A lot.

I promised we could leave if he didn't like it (either Dave or I would stay with Sabrina, and the other would hang with Max outside the arena).

Max said yes, he'd go. I kept checking back. He kept saying yes. Before I left for work yesterday morning, I must have asked him at least five times.

On the way home last night, I called Dave and said: "Remind Max he can wear headphones! Then remind him more!"

Max put on the headphones before we even got in the car.

He wavered when he saw the arena. Dave and I each held his hand and nudged him in.

He got distracted by a new red car on display in the lobby; it seemed like he might want to sit inside it instead of see the show.

And then he walked into the arena, right as Disney on Ice started. Mickey! Minnie! Chip and Dale! He wouldn't go to our seats; he wanted to stand in the back and watch.

He saw the entire show. Mesmerized. Didn't take his eyes off the entire time. Sabrina was enchanted, too. She said the girls looked like they were wearing cut-off dresses.

When it was over, Max didn't want to leave. He would like to see another Disney on Ice, ideally one with Lightning McQueen.

Evil mom: Maybe not so much.


  1. Another hurdle jumped! :)

  2. Congrats, Ellen! Amazing! I just wanted to share that TDF is hosting an "autism-friendly" performance of Disney Live on Tour: Pirates and Princesses at Madison Sq Garden in NYC in April... They make these shows sensory-friendly and have "quiet areas" to take a break in, sensory fidgets, etc. I have not been to one of these shows but have had someone guest blog about it for me:
    Here's the website from TDF:

  3. I love reading your posts about the progress Max is making in this area; it give me hope about Kyle (age 7). Kyle LOVES watching the referees on the football games on tv. So, we thought he would love a real live football game. NOPE! Too overwhelming. And speaking of Disney on Ice...we're taking Kaylie next week! I've never been and excited to go!

  4. Glad that all went well! I like these shows.

  5. Nothing like a little "Sucess!" to brighten your day.


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