Thursday, December 5, 2013

Genius idea from Max: Regift to yourself


Max didn't have his fill of Cars 2 presents for Chanukah. So he decided he was going to regift a himself. He walked over to the toy box where we keep a lot of Lightning McQueen stuff and pulled out a puzzle. Then he grabbed gift wrap from a present he'd already opened and attempted to re-wrap. Sabrina joined in. Last, he got Dave to give it to him. Voila!

I thought it was pretty smart, though Martha Stewart would surely have a heart attack if she saw this.

(Dave, sweetie, don't get any ideas; you still owe me a birthday present. xo)

Image: Flickr/Risager


  1. Great idea, Max!! Opening it IS half the fun!

  2. :) that made me laugh

  3. Ellen....
    I have been a stranger in these parts.... We got busy, busy, busy and I disappeared for a while!! It feels so good to back!! ;)
    Love, love, loved that video!! Sabrina is quite the ham!! Love it!! Max did his best at wrapping the puzzle!! I love his proud smile!! As a wrapping-challenged individual who does not have CP, I am impressed by his determination!! My gifts are always lumpy and I use way too much paper!! I gave up for a while, I'm afraid!! Gift wrapping is highly overrated, anyway!! Hee, hee, hee.... ;-D
    I love Max's idea of "re-gifting"!! Clever!! ;)
    Happy belated Chanukah!! ;-D

  4. This reminds me of a Christmas with my grandmother, who was generally quite sharp, but her memory was going a bit. Every half hour or so she'd return to her pile of gifts, lift up an item or two, say "was this mine?", and admire it anew. I thought it was a pretty good deal as she got a lot of new enjoyment out of each gift!

  5. What Max could not what the few short days between Chanukah and his birthday to open more presents? :) It's good OT and a cute video.

  6. Oh my gosh that is so smart - and so cute! :)

  7. That's awesome. They always say that the anticipation is the best part anyway. Looks like Max is just trying to recapture that joy of "can't wait to open this-ness."


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