Tuesday, August 27, 2013

9 signs you're SO ready for the kids to go back to school

Your child asks if you can get her a Rainbow Loom to make bracelets out of overpriced mini colored rubber bands and you RUN, not walk, to your computer and order it for $18.99 from Amazon Prime just so she will have something to DO because you might just have a breakdown if you hear the words "Mommy, I'm booor-ed!" one more time.

You are on the verge of running out of sunscreen or bug spray and are conducting an evil experiment to see if the last dregs could possibly get the kids through Labor Day.

You have decided you actually don't mind hunting down the dozens of items on the classroom shopping lists because it means the kids will be that much closer to going back to school.

You are totally ready to trade in getting-lice-at-camp phobia for getting-lice-at-school phobia.

You have lost all enthusiasm for making conversation about the theme of your child's birthday party/his favorite Disney character/whatever your child is fond of talking about. In fact, you have kind of lost all enthusiasm for making conversation, period.

You start reminiscing about those days in grade school when you returned to school and your mom put you on the school bus and waved goodbye and you were wearing that cute new dress and those new shoes and your hair was in pigtails and OH MY GOD THAT WAS SO LONG AGO I AM GETTING OLD AND I REALLY NEED TO HAVE MY LIFE BACK SO I CAN RELISH IT, THE KIND OF CUSHY, RELAXED LIFE WITH TENNIS LESSONS AND PEDICURES AND LUNCH AT BISTROS WITH FRIENDS THAT I'D LIKE TO IMAGINE I HAVE BUT THE LIFE THAT INVOLVES THE KIDS BEING BACK AT SCHOOL WILL BE MORE THAN FINE! GET ME BACK THAT LIFE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!

You toss most of the kids' camp projects, in preparation for the onslaught of school projects. Most of which you will also toss.

You get a notice about parent back-to-school night and for once you are giddy with anticipation for a parent school activity.

There's a little chill in the air at night and you like it. School is coming! School is coming! Hooray!

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  1. LOL :) I hope your kids don't read this post.

  2. Two of my boys went back today. I might have been a little too gleeful when it was time to wake them up and get them out the door!

  3. My husband and I celebrated with my younger kids when the two older ones went back to school. Even with two at home still it is a lot quieter, so much less fighting. My eldest is my special needs kiddo and he craves the routine and scheduling that comes with the return of school.

  4. My kids return tomorrow and although I am happy(no more all day daycare and camps!) I am sad because my youngest starts kindergarten and my oldest starts middle school(and has to catch the bus at 6:45 which means be at the bus stop early b/c she can't run). My middle 2(identical twin boys) start the 2nd grade. My oldest Heather has Cerebral Palsy and is in Gen Ed classes. She gets more time between classes(6 min instead of 4) and an elevator pass(the school has 2 floors.) Orientation was crazy last night so I hope everything goes well tomorrow and she gets up early enough. When do Max and Sabrina go back?

  5. Ellen, I just want to let you know that I enjoyed the picture of your vacation on your other blog.(I couldn't comment there b/c I don't have Facebook.)

  6. I am excited for more concerts.

  7. Our son's favorite word is "boring." He says it all the time. I've learned to hate that word, and he hasn't even started K yet.


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