Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A new app for teasing siblings

Well, OK, I guess the Facetouch app wasn't specifically created to tease siblings. But Sabrina's been putting it to good use on Max, as you can see.

She was cackling to herself throughout a recent car ride as she hunched over the iPad, and when she finished her masterpiece she showed it to Max and said, in that special sing-songy voice she saves for him, "Looooook, Max! It's yooooooou!"

Max cracked up.

Not to be outdone, Max got the app on his iPad and....

This is eminently more entertaining than when they pull each other's hair.


  1. Too cute! Gotta love having siblings I miss my sister she's at medical school suffice to say my mom's very happy we're going to have a doctor in the family she's always wanted a daughter she could brag about and in her eyes I've never been anything to brag about she introduces me to people by saying "this is my daughter she's a little sick".

  2. That was too funny. Emm Nisha my whole family consider it unmoral and wrong to lie about your children and sickness in public/private. Its a line you dont cross. Tell your mom its wrong to lie about sickness when she introduces you.
    Encourage her to be honest. You're not "sick". If my mom did that, she would get a earful from me. Its a thing you do NOT do in my family. Tell her straight off that "achievement and "accomplishments" the way our society views them are NOT important. And that she should be PROUD of you. If she cant be happy and pleased with you, then you dont need her.


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