Thursday, July 26, 2012

A couple with cerebral palsy wed: make-you-weep video of the week

This video of an Israeli couple with cerebral palsy getting married has translation, but words aren't even necessary.

I made the mistake of watching it during my commute to work. Dave looked up from his newspaper to find tears pouring down my face. I showed the video to him.

"Honey, why are you crying?" he asked. "It's beautiful!"

What could I say, on a crowded train?

I cried because of how happy this couple is—and how happy I felt watching them.

I cried because of all the love surrounding them.

I cried because they made it work; the wedding band was on a chain he could more easily slip onto her hand.

I cried because I always cry at weddings.

I cried because the video opened up the floodgates of my hopes for Max's future.

Someday, I hope Max will find love like this.

Hit "cc" on the video for captions.



  1. I hope Max settles for nothing less, using his parent's love as an example. Thanks for sharing.

  2. That made me cry, too. But, as you said, weddings always make me cry. Especially ones that have so much love displayed...

  3. You are right. This wasn't just crying, this was WEEPING. I was just overcome with JOY for everyone involved. Love is universal and we ALL deserve it. I agree with Ellen, we should settle for nothing less!


  4. Pleased this came with a warning! * wipes face*
    Beautiful! And one hell of a party :) x

  5. What a LOVELY wedding! My Hebrew is rusty, but the gist of what all the family members were saying was that what Shaul (the groom) wants, Shaul is able to accomplish. They are all thrilled and excited. And the officiant talks about how much the community has learned from the couple.

    I'm in tears here myself!

  6. The only words that matter to me in this video are RUACH and MITZVOT. How lovely. Thanks for sharing.

  7. I saw this over on BLOOM and cried. THIS IS LOVE

  8. Let's just post the names of the happy couple: Rabbi Shaul Inbari and Neta Eya. Yes, he is an ordained rabbi. Yes, CP doesn't stop them.

  9. Oh my goodness. Beautiful beautiful.

  10. I found a translation!

  11. The translation shows up if you click "cc" (captions), I hadn't realized they weren't showing! I updated with that info.

    Thank you, Hevel, for naming them.

    I can't stop watching this.

  12. What's really interesting is that I saw some references to his writings explaining how it is Halachacally (Jewish law) allowed for a person with disabilities to practice fully, and become a rabbi. I'll see what I can find...

  13. Thank you for this. May the Lord bless them, and may they continue to demonstrate true love.

  14. This is beautiful!!! It gives hope that with determination, one day, children like my daughter will find true love no matter what Cp does to their physical body. The spirit is untouched by Cp. I love this. Thanks for sharing.


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