Thursday, June 7, 2012

A two-year-old boy born deaf hears his mom for the first time

After posting Top Inspiring Viral Videos About Kids With Special Needs the other day, I came across this video of Cooper, a two-year-old boy born deaf who recently got cochlear implants ("after two years of excruciating waiting," his mother said.) In this video, he's hearing his mom's voice for the very first time.

I don't think you will ever forget this child's reaction.

And I'm sorry to keep making you cry. These videos are my crack!



  1. You are killing me with these videos. So amazing, so inspiring. There was a little boy with a cochlear implant in my daughter's K class. The kids showed an interesting combination of not noticing/treating him like any other classmate AND being protective/knowing what sounds or situations may overwhelm him.

  2. LOVE. My son has cochlear implants too. :) He just finished his second year of mainstream preschool and is heading to kindergarten in Fall. I blog about him:

  3. Here's another one for you, it's of a little boy aged 17 months reading words from a book.

    In sign language....

    and he has Down Syndrome!

    Just wow!

  4. My brother got one of those (he was not completely deaf, it just filled in some of the ranges). He was an adult, though and he could hear, just poorly.

    What a wonderful video!

  5. I am hearing impaired and have seen the joy in my friend of reciving colcher implants.

  6. Love the video! It brought me to tears of joy to see the happiness in the little guy's face! Those are the moments we all live for, so amazing and inspiring!


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