Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Relax, will ya?

"Happy summer" may seem like an oxymoron if you are up to your ears in kids home from school. I love my kids! I love when they're not home! Start, camp, start!

On Saturday, I begged Dave to take the kids for ice-cream. Then I hung out on the deck, alone, something I hardly ever do. My problem with trying to veg in our house is that there's always something that needs cleaning or picking up or organizing or de-gunking. I just can't zone out. In the winter, I sometimes go to the Whole Foods food court just to clear my mind. In summer, though, I have our deck, where I'm forced to be at one with my magazines and coffee. I mean, I did have to jump up and dab paint on some rust spots on a chair, but then I settled down and chilled.

I made an iced coffee frappe as a treat; the International Delight people sent me a lovely Summer Survival Kit and recipes, including this one. If you have a thing for iced coffee, as I do, it's nirvana-like. Here's how to make it and don't blame me for your addiction, k?


1 cup International Delight Iced Coffee, any flavor
½ cup ice
½ cup vanilla, coffee or chocolate ice cream
½ tsp. vanilla extract


• Convince husband to remove children from home and drive away.
• Combine all ingredients in a blender.
• Blend until thick and smooth.
• Go sit outside and enjoy the drink... and the peace.


  1. mmm...that iced coffee drink sounds lovely!!

  2. I love your deck!! Glad you had some time to relax. The first line of the instructions for the recipe cracked me up!!!

  3. Ahahaha, is THIS why you randomly (if sweetly) just said you liked my Real Simple article from two months ago? Because you finally got a chance to catch up on old magazines, and with delicious coffee and a quiet house, no less!?

  4. I don't do coffee, but I sure would love to follow that first direction;)

  5. I do that with the leftover strong coffee, some sweetener and some ice--stuff it in the blender and let it rip. Yours sounds way better but mine is less calories!

  6. OMG! I just bought the International Delight iced coffee this evening. (Actually I had 3 coupons that are due to expire this week and wanted to use them so it was my motivation to hit the local ShopRite) I just tried some and I am duly impressed.

    I can't tolerate regular ice cream but I may make a modified version of your recipe. This stuff is going to save me so much $$$$ since a. I don't have to stop at DD or Wawa and spend $3+ per drink (these are less than $4 per half gallon!) And since it's a bit sweet for my taste I can make it last longer by diluting it with some brewed coffee over ice.

    Score one for the mom & the purse.

    Dude is pretending to pack for camp, but i suspect he's asleep on the laundry basket. Four days and three nights as a child-free chick. Too bad I have to work 25 hours between Thursday & Friday before I must pick him up on Saturday morning.

  7. YES, Margie, that's exactly what happened! I actually was able to read magazines!

    Christine, these directions also apply to lemonade. :)

    grv, I know, I love this stuff and it def. saves bucks on the $2 price tag of iced coffee. I hope Dude has fun in camp and that even if you have to work, you can enjoy some peace and quiet when you're at home!


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