Friday, May 11, 2012

The best Mother's Day cards ever

Mother's Day came early at our house, because the kids were so excited to give me what they'd made. Also, as Dave excitedly noted by phone last night (he's been on a business trip this week), "It's less expensive to send flowers on Thursday!" OOOOOOOOOKAY. The roses are beautiful and it's the thought and counts that all, but I think maybe I didn't need that thought?

Bargain roses still smell as sweet

Max's card made me particularly happy because, well, you know. It said:

I think of all 
The things you do
And then I know why

Everything I do for Max is selfless and unconditional, but it's nice seeing that in writing. Although I thought he loved me for my charm and good looks. 

I also got a Mom's Day plant from Max. With purple flowers, of course.

Sabrina's handiwork, also The Best Mother's Day Card Ever

She went with "You are the best mom in the world!" on her card. I am going to remind her of that the next time she has a meltdown when I won't let her do something. Actually, maybe I should just tape that to my forehead and walk around with it.

So there we were, enjoying Mother's Day on a Thursday night. Party in Mommy's bedroom! I let the kids crash in my bed, and then we played this hysterically weird game where we all took turns pretending we were crying in different voices, and then we jumped on the bed and ate string cheese. It was an awesome pre-celebration, and then I get to sleep late on Sunday. Wheeeee!

Hope you have a great Mother's Day! If you pay it forward to another special needs mom and leave a treat on her doorstep, I'd love to hear about it.


  1. He colored some of it non-purple -- a special considerate gift for what others might like? :)

  2. Sounds like a wonderful celebration if you ask me!

    And sleeping late on Sunday is a real treat :)

    Happy Mother's Day!

  3. You know, they aren't discount flowers - they're non-inflated price flowers. It's not like he got you some straggly stems two minutes away from the compost heap.

    I know it seems like you'd want him to spend the big bucks on you, but the alternative is a husband who doesn't know how to manage money. One of my blog friends just spend several hours explaining to her husband why he shouldn't trade in his car for $3000 less than the blue book value.

    So hey - he gave you the gift of a husband who isn't an idiot with money!

  4. Ah, Jen, I'm just busting Dave's chops for telling me they were a good deal! They're gorgeous, and I totally appreciate them.

    Anon, until you pointed that out I hadn't even noticed that Max busted out of purple! SO exciting! I am a little purple-pooped.

    Lisa, I hope you have the most wonderful Mother's Day.

  5. LOVE the pay it forward idea. I'm on it, sister, and asking my readers to do the same.

    Your celebration thus far sounded excellent--weird crying game, bargain roses and all.

    I really hope you can sleep late tomorrow. Nothing worse than getting a pass to do so and finding your eyes spring open at 7AM...

  6. I really think that you should consider taping Sabrina's card in your forehead, it may really come in handy. Love the purple flowers, how can you go wrong with purple? Max has great taste!

  7. 20 Years Later

    Max is an advocate for CP awareness-and made a purple ribbon for it. He is also the owner of a car wash where you get complimentary spaghetti and chocolate ice cream center cake. You have a sauce or no sauce option. Kids also get a souvenir spoon and a red 40 free purple lollipop. Sabrina owns a clothing company called Lime Pink. They sponsor each other.


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