Friday, October 7, 2011

Kids: even more entertaining than TV! Let's share the cuteness

The kids were totally amusing this week and making me laugh, when I wasn't haunted by dreams of being chased by a giant wedge of cheese I shoplifted from the grocery store.

• Max decided to toy with me last night. As we were talking about Halloween, all of a sudden he said "Car wash." And I was all, "We don't have that car wash anymore!" But then he flashed me a grin and said "CARS 2!" I already got the overpriced Lightning McQueen outfit for him and the headset.

• Sabrina is still loving her cast, and milking it for all its worth. She has decorated her room with the x-rays taken of her wrist. Yes, they are hanging on her walls.

• She has this habit of sticking out her tongue in photos. I have to say, it cracks me up (but I stifle my giggles and say, seriously, "Please don't do that" and then she'll stop).

• Max's favorite new sentence to say on his iPad: "Max eats chocolate ice-cream for breakfast!" Nice try there, buddy.

• You know how Max has had that habit of crashing in our bed in the middle of the night? For two years now? This week, he walked into my room at 1:30 a.m., woke me up, grabbed my hand and made me crash in his bed. Now I'm making housecalls.

• Sabrina has a new wall calendar and every morning, after she wakes up, she puts a big X through the day. The only activity she has noted down for entire month? "Pizza Day," at her school.

• The other night, as I was tucking Max in, I told him that I loved him. He shook his head.

"You don't love Mommy?" I asked.

"Nooooooo," he said.

"You don't love Daddy?"


"You don't love Sabrina?"


"OK, who do you love?"

"AYE-LEH!" he said, triumphantly, his best friend at school.

I did not take it personally. I will not require therapy.

How have your kids recently amused you? Link up a post! Just type in the name of the post (not the name of your blog) and the direct URL to the post, click enter, and leave a comment if you'd like. Then we can all visit each other and relish all that cuteness.


  1. what a great post! my toddler amused me this week by putting all my credit cards through a one-way vent in our house. on the bright side, i still have my drivers license and gym card so i am trying to be a good sport.

  2. My daughter is constantly amusing me.

    This is how this week:

  3. I agree with both previous comments! What a great post.:-) AND my children are also constantly amusing me. Never a dull moment. LOL

  4. What a great idea—I just put in a link-up so you guys can share your kids' cuteness!

    Anna, that is definitely one way to avoid overspending. :)

  5. Great job, Ellen. "Housecalls" - I love that. My kids are grown, but I love those old days of funny things they'd do, so I am posting them now under Flashback Fridays. I shared on on the link up. Here's another one.

  6. Sammy use to be the cookie man. We think he may just be the next billy mays (minus the sad ending) there are other videos linked to cookie man of my darling goofball kids.

  7. Shared! Kids always amuse me.

  8. Had to share a the love between my girl & her dog. Kids + dogs = pretty darn cute.

  9. My kids "stole" the neighbor's dog from their backyard (like they wouldn't notice!). We found them and the dog in the barn, playing. We were able to get the dog back home before the neighbors freaked out. Discussions about a family pet (besides the barn cat--feral and fixed, a great ratter even though we feed her--but not very social) are underway as a consequence. Gramps has been trolling the shelters in the area, so we may have an addition to the family eventually.

  10. After some minor bedtime battles, I realized my son would go to sleep nicely if I unscrewed the light bulbs in the overhead fixture. Now if I forget, he drags a chair right under the fixture so I can unscrew them.

    I wonder if anyone else has a nonverbal child insisting that his parents unscrew his bulbs!

  11. Sabrina is such a card! Max is adorable as well.

    I walked in on my 2.5 yo using unwrapped sticks of butter as handweights after rubbing them all over the floor/his toys. I cleaned up everything I saw, but I'm still finding lonely knobs of butter here and there.

    I wrote a bit about him and loveys here:

  12. This post really made me smile! Can't wait to see a picture of Max in his Cars 2 Halloween costume. And I find it cool that Sabrina decorated her room with her x-rays. Just this week I was talking to some friends of mine about how, when I was about to be x-rayed for the first time, the tech took an x-ray of a couple of my toys to show me what it would look like. I still have the x-ray to this day; I find it hilarious to see that little outline of Woodstock (from the Peanuts cartoon) and a Strawberry Shortcake miniature :)

  13. You are the coolest I can't believe you actually let Sabrina hand her X-Ray's on the wall my mom would totally freak if my brother did that :)

  14. Great idea, Ellen! Love reading all the fun things about kiddos and finding some new blogs along the way.

    I linked a post about my daughter, aka "The Streak".

  15. I loved reading all of your stories! Felicia, "Like they wouldn't notice" just had me cracking up. Today, Sabrina informed me that she'd rather have a puppy than a new baby in our family (I have NO news to share, we'd just been somewhere where someone had a new baby). "A dog can make a family, too!" she said.

    Tesyaa, you are right, you may be one of the rare people in this world whose child insists upon unscrewed lightbulbs!

    Brigid, keep the butter hidden!

    Nisha, those x-rays look kind of cool!

  16. Great post! I was traveling over the weekend so was just able to link up a post of my own.

    Thanks! This was fun!


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