Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Max's three new things

First new thing:

The other morning, as I took a shower, Max sat on my bed and cruised YouTube. I came out and heard the most amazing sound: Max singing along to the Thomas the Tank theme song. Now, I have heard him singing on and off over the years, especially during music therapy. Like this:

But I have never, ever heard him singing to himself, for the pure joy of singing.

Second new thing:

Max is turning into quite the comedian (not that Sabrina and her knock knock joke phase weren't memorable and all). Sunday night, at bathtime, Max informed us that he didn't want to take a bath in the bathtub. Then he ran around the house, showing us all the other places he'd prefer to take a bath. Like in the sink. Or in the piano. Or in the fridge. Or on the front porch. He's made jokes before, but this was a veritable comedy routine. He was cracking up the entire time, and so were we.

Third new thing:

Jumping is not yet in Max's repertoire of movements...or so I thought. Last night we were in town enjoying a feast of, wait for it, spaghetti followed by chocolate ice-cream. After, we took a walk around town, and Max started doing this thing on every corner. He'd crouch, then he'd stretch his body up high, then he'd lurch onto the street. At first, I didn't realize what was going on. Duh! "Max, are you jumping?" I asked.

"ESSSSSSSS!" he said, gleefully.

And he kept right on jumping off curbs. His kind of jumping.

Three new things. Three seemingly small things. And yet, every one of them seemed significant—and really, really wonderful.


  1. I just wrote on my blog about how Emmett just figured out "thumbs up" and how much it meant to me. Funny how those "little" things can be so wonderful!

    Hooray for Max for learning new skills and loving life!!!

  2. Love new things! We tend to go in spurts, but whenever a new thing happens, it is such a BIG deal to me. Gotta enjoy the small moments. Go Max!

  3. That's awesome! I know it's a cliche but those otherwise little things ARE huge. Nice job Max (&family).

  4. Thanks, all! Krlr: That, my friend, is NO CLICHE!!! Little things are always significant! Like Debbie says, they're all big deals.

    Julia: THAT IS AWESOME! I will head over and check out. If Max ever was able to do thumbs up we'd be thrilled because he'd be isolating his thumb!

  5. I love this! We take so many things for granted when our "typical" kids do them. Especially when they came first. Some things that were annoying when my older kids did them like emptying the diaper bag, arching in protest to being strapped into a seat, smearing lotion through his hair, etc., were cause for an all out celebration when Lucien did them.
    We appreciate their accomplishments so much more even if they mean a little more work (or an extra bath!).

  6. hello. i have been reading your blog for about a month, and i first wanted to thank you. my 4-year old Ian has mild CP, and your blog has been really helpful to me in trying to come to terms with his diagnosis and his developmental delays.

    i also wanted to say that i really connected with this post. ian doesn't yet sing to himself or jump either. i can just imagine the joy you felt when you realized Max was jumping. congratulations!

  7. Every mini-milestone is a caase for celebration.
    Spot on!

  8. Thanks for the big smile, Ellen!

    "Little" things are wonderful!

  9. I love it...all of it. And I am amused by the spaghetti+chocolate ice cream because we're only allowed to go out to eat either pizza+chocolate ice cream or fish sticks/fries+chocolate ice cream. As Hallie's olfactory issues increase (sensory overload of the month club), that's pretty much all she will tolerate without major distractions (like watching non stop DVDs or something)

  10. New things are definitely worth celebrating! Way to go Max!

  11. That's awesome. Enjoying the small things!

  12. Way to go, Max! It's things like this that keep us Moms going!

  13. Ahhh he is so cool. When can I meet him? Playdate?

  14. Three cheers for bilateral coordination!


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