Thursday, May 5, 2011

What kind of thanks would you like on Mother's Day?

Like any mother, my love for my children is unconditional. I do not expect anything in return from them, although I can never get enough smiles, kisses, or the gleeful sounds they make when I walk in the door at night. I would certainly not mind if either one of them learned to cook, especially Fettucine al Salmone. Flowers (such as large bunches of pink peonies) are always lovely.

Just saying.

If Max is someday up to thanking me for my mom-ness, I would want him to appreciate this: That I have mightily tried to do whatever I possibly can to improve his life, whether it's getting him therapies, finding him new gear and equipment or going all out with stuff like a stem cell infusion. I have certainly not done everything, nor do I do everything all of the time. But I do what I can. I hope he will know that. I hope he will like this blog. And also

I have thanks on the brain because of Mother's Day and a program I'm getting involved in, Procter & Gamble's Proud Sponsor of Moms. A longtime supporter of The Special Olympics (31 years—who knew?), the company is doing moms of Special Olympic athletes proud with a big chunk of change (we're talking B-I-G) that will support local programs and services. They're also a sponsor of Team USA at the Special Olympics, taking place in Athens June 25 till July 4. A couple of weeks ago, P&G asked whether I'd write about The Special Olympics, as part of a paid sponsorship, and I had to restrain myself from screeching "YES!!!!!" into the phone.

Word, for every person who fans the Thank You, Mom Facebook page or leaves a comment, P&G will donate $1 to support the USA's Special Olympics' team journey to Athens—up to $250,000 above their other contribution. Way to support special needs!

Check out this video of Special Olympics athlete Molly and her mom, Kerry (and have a tissue handy).

On Mother's Day, I suspect Max will give me something purple (SURPRISE!), and it will be awesome. I asked Sabrina what she thinks I want for Mother's Day, and she said, "Pickles." That would be fine, too. Sleeping late (my standard request): priceless.

What token of your kids' appreciation will you be happy to get on Sunday? What might you someday like your child to thank you for?


  1. Oh, Ellen, Mother's Day in the past was so stressful for me. As a single parent, I often wished that I had a husband to provide a little guidance to my kids as to how to show Mom a little appreciation. Then when my kids were teens, and attachment disorder reared its ugly head, they often used Mother's Day as an occasion to demonstrate their rejection of me. Looking back, I now regret that I got so hung up on it. Now that my mother is gone, I wish I had only focused on showing HER what she meant to me.

    On a brighter note, the sons who still live with me are so eager to do something special: to take me out to eat or to buy me something I want. And even most of the kids who have rejected me, who no longer keep in contact, have, at some point along the way, acknowledged that I did improve their lives by taking them from orphanages and a future of institutionalization or prostitution or life on the streets.

    So now I'm at peace with Mother's Day, though I'd give anything to spend one more with my dear Mother.

  2. I've been feeling VERY underappreciated lately so I would take any token that represents that they know how I give my whole soul every day for them. How's that? ;)

  3. Margo is too young to realize or appreciate what I do for her (or did for her during her early days, as in middle of the night feedings), but when she gets a little older and is able to comprehend this concept, all I would really want is an acknowledgement of my efforts and maybe some nod of appreciation - does not have to be a gift - she can just say something like "thank you mommy".

  4. Often our instincts take over and do for our kids what they need the most. Not sure I should be thanked for my instincts, but I do think the sacrifices are many, and as a nod toward those, a pedicure could be in order. Throw in an excuse from all duties for the day and a homemade card!

  5. Both my kids are young, Cj is 8 and non verbal and Ryan 6, a character to say the least! They make everyday feel like Mothers Day (I know that will not last so I take it all in) Not a day goes by that Ryan doesnt'says he loves me with a kiss and Cj tells me he loves me with a smile and look to die for! His beautiful blue eyes talk to me. Someday I would like to hear Ryan say thank you for all your love, guidance and teaching me to treat people as I like to be treated. Also thank you for teaching me to accept all people as they are, as everyone has a gift!
    Cj's special needs dentist, Dr. Steven Perlman has been very involved with the Special Olympics for years. He travels all over the world with them, he will be in Athens! He would be a great person to interview!!! How exciting that you will be a part of such a great organization! Happpy Mothers Day!

  6. Ah, Mother's Day! For my second official Mother's Day, I'm hoping for a big, relaxing day full of food, fun and jewelry! Fingers crossed!!!

  7. Because I'm raising my kids in the city, they are jealous of kids who grow up in the suburbs. But I hope that if Grace moves to the 'burbs for her own adulthood, like she says she will, a) that she loves it and b) she thanks me anyway for giving her a city upbringing. Because both my kids are getting crazy-great opportunities that I, at least, never got as a suburban kid.
    As for what I want this Mother's Day, I'm one of those "there's nothing I need" moms. I just had a birthday and am still surrounded by flowers and chocolates from that! But maybe if I'm lucky my husband will take the kids out of the house for an hour and I'll be by myself, because that almost never happens!

  8. I am looking forward to Mother's Day because my daughter is old enough to be getting excited about it. Maybe there are some plans hatching for breakfast in bed for Mommy though I don't want to hope for TOO much! It is just fun to have a special day for kids to actually get excited about Mom.

  9. A an extra sleep in would be lovely, I am a pretty simple person.
    I also like to have a donation to our NICU as they do a telethon each Mothers Day.
    My Mom who is a coach for Special Olympics will get a mani/pedi day from me. My parents and my sister are going to Athens with the Special Olympics this year, they are so excited.

  10. For now, lots of hugs and kisses are good enough for me!! And may I just say that is the most delightful photo of your kids!

  11. My five year old told me that there will be a lot of presents, that she won't tell me what they are because I like surprises but some of them are pink (my favorite color) and I will need to borrow an Easter basket to gather them when I search for them, because there will be so many. For the ones that are crafts, I will be allowed to lie down and nap while she is in production mode. I miught also be allowed some time to read. Woo-hoo!


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