Thursday, November 25, 2010

What's big and purple and making Max very thankful?

Max's teacher thought to ask the kids in class what they're grateful for, and this is what Max said. Conspicuously missing: the color purple, the color brown, chocolate ice-cream, Sabrina and Daddy. Daddy noticed. "Hey, what's up with that?" Dave wanted to know. I couldn't answer, but I'm glad to have made the grade.

I hadn't yet shown Max his big surprise when he created it, otherwise I suspect it would have made it on there. I spent the week scrambling to get it together. Big hint: Sabrina recently got one, and Max coveted it.

Yes, a Big Boy Bed. With purple bedding. And a new pair of purple pj's, just because I wanted him to be out of his head with purple happiness. "EEEEEEET!" Max said, pointing out that they had feet.

The bed's nice and low because we used a bunkie board instead of a box spring. I'd never heard of one before, it's basically a hard board covered with fabric. It works.

Max is totally able to clamber in and out of the bed, unassisted. He feel asleep feeling very grateful last night.

Happy, happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!


  1. WOW!!! What a great purple bed!!! Hope your holidays are relaxing and full of good memories.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving you guys! And Ellen, tell Max that I absolutely LOVE his bed! I also have a purple bed, but it's got girly flowers on it instead of stripes. ;)

  3. That bed is AWESOME. And for a purple dessert idea.

    Make 1 box of vanilla pudding. Mix with 3/4 of an 8oz cool whip container.

    Add food coloring to make purple, then mix in a grab bag size of mini oreos.

    Let chill for 2 hours and serve with extra cool whip. (Even dye that purple)

    Happy Thanksgiving to you, Max and the rest of your family.

  4. What beautiful bedding Max has! I just found your article in the September Good Housekeeping and fell in love. I grew up with two best friends with special needs and have worked with individuals with developmental disabilities so I loved your positive, honest, and straight-forward advice! It was a pleasure to find out I could continue to read your writing on the blog!

  5. awesome bed!! you are such a great mom! max is so lucky!!

  6. Wow, great bed! Fantastic pj's, too!!!

    My kids have box spring/mattress ON THE frame, no headboard, just chalkboard paint halfway up the wall so the little terrors can write all over the wall in a quasi-controlled manner. Of course, that was a step up from futon-flat-on-the-floor, which was what was happening for a couple of years before that.

    No, I won't win any House Beautiful awards, I guess (nyuck, nyuck). They're lucky if the sheets match the pillowcase! Now that we don't need to go to the laundromat anymore, they're always clean, at least! I loooooooove doing laundry at home!

  7. I just love reading about when Max reaches the next milestone. He and Luke are the same age, have different dissabilities, yet are very much alike -- all boy! I also think you are sometimes like me -- you don't realize when he is ready for the next step (e.g. big boy bed). Isn't good that our boys can help us?!

    Have a great holiday weekend.

  8. I LOVE the purple sheets! Max must be so excited to climb into bed every night!

  9. Max is excited to sleep in his own bed! I hope it LASTS!

    OK, that purple recipe is an awesome idea, and I'm going to try it. Especially since it doesn't actually involve cooking. :)

    I do my best to be a good mom; buying him purple stuff is easy enough, except when I have to make hard decisions like: Should I let him where the girl purple sweater in public?

    Felicia, I would have considered the floor thing except that we were able to reincarnate the headboard from Sabrina's toddler bed as a headboard for Max's new bed.

    And Janet, yes: It's very good that our boys are able to help US move on to the next stage. :)

  10. "Purple" is one word our smiley kiddo can say... with great enthusiasm! Probably because Barney is purple. Her 8-year-old stuffed Barney recently had an arm amputated due to piles of fluff excaping from the armpit....

  11. A purple package of sweetness topped with a great head of hair!

    Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving.


  12. Happy Thanksgiving Ellen! I just bought that blanket sleeper for Amelia too!!!! xoxo

  13. Debbie: Great minds!!!

    Katie: Sorry about Barney injury, hope you were able to collect insurance payment on that. :)

    Kate: Excellent Thanksgiving!!! Hope you had one, too.


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