Sunday, October 3, 2010

Woo hoo: teens with special needs named homecoming queens and kings

This article in USA Today about students with special powers being named homecoming kings and queens made my day. As a spokesperson for the Special Olympics said, "It's really amazing to see because there was a time when they were never even invited to go to prom." 


Max would be quite the studly homecoming king. 

[Insert vision of your child as homecoming king/queen here.]


  1. Oh, I LOVE this! Thank you for sharing. It made my night. It's not too soon for me to start envisioning my not-even-one-year-old as the prom queen of all prom queens, is it? :)

    (foxforcefive on Twitter :)

  2. My special-powered son just graduated from high last spring and while he wasn't Prom King, he did go to TWO proms ... one of which was with an official date!

    He ended up quite the object of envy by a lot of his peers, especially the "non-super powered" ones (what IS the opposite of super-powered??) who only got to go to one:).

  3. oops.. I forgot the "school" after "high"... he graduated from high school last spring...

  4. Audrey would be a most gorgeous homecoming queen. Hopefully by then I'll get her over her sensory-seeking habit of putting her hands in her pits and smelling them so that she can wear spaghetti straps.

  5. This brought back some happy memories for me. Last year my daughter came home from her 8th grade dance so excited because she and her girlfriends had successfully campaigned for her special needs friend to be named king of the dance. He was elected by a vote of all the attendees so it was a huge deal for him. It was a huge deal for her as well. She loves him and has hated that he had to struggle to be accepted.


Thanks for sharing!

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