Monday, June 21, 2010

A great, big thank you to...Megan at Velveteen Mind

Last week, Emily and Cooper from The Motherhood—two of the nicest people—invited me and nine other bloggers to participate in P&G's Thank You, Mom program. My mission, if I chose to accept it: thank five bloggers throughout this week who have made a difference in my life. It took me maybe ten seconds to say yes, and the stipend we were offered had nothing to do with it. I am grateful each and every day for the women I've met in the blogosphere—women who move me, make me laugh, give me new persepctive, inspire me when raising a kid with special needs runs down my spirit.

My first thank you goes out to Megan Jordan over at Velveteen Mind. Her humongous heart shines through her blog, whether she's writing about The Gulf Coast Oil Spill; imploring bloggers to care less about the traffic they get and focus more on their writing ("You are not your stats"); or sharing an anything-but-ordinary drive in her car. She writes passionately and movingly. She tells it like it is. Every single time I read one of her posts, I walk away with new insights—about blogging, about motherhood, about myself, about appreciating life.

Megan is also all about giving back. She started BlogNosh to promote other bloggers' good writing. She's partnered with Pepperidge Farm to raise money for Feeding America. She genuinely cares. Let me tell you something else about Megan: I met her for maybe ten minutes at Blissdom, when she was hanging outside a conference room with her yummy baby girl. We e-mailed maybe a couple of times after that. Then last week, a mom website that had asked me to contribute content ended up not treating me very well. I was unnerved. I emailed Megan to ask for her advice. She emailed me her phone number and said to call. And then she took 10 minutes of her spare time (the woman has three kids) to talk with me. Just like that.

Thank you, Megan, for your Texas-size heart—and for being the patron saint of mom bloggers everywhere.

FYI, P&G has a contest going on through November, "Thank You, Mom Reunions," for expressing gratitude to the women who've been influential to us since we were in diapers. Sweet—and you could win $1000.

Which bloggers would you like to thank?


  1. YOU! ;)

    Seriously...your awesome.

  2. I'm with Sarah H--I just love your blog!

  3. Oh my goodness! Thank you so much, Ellen. You make me feel very fancy.

    I'm going to send this post to my mom.

    And to the Catholic Church. Because I seriously need someone to make a "Patron Saint of Mom Bloggers" prayer card for me. Do you think we're allowed to say "damn" on those things? Because damn. ;)

  4. Awesome choice!! I love reading Megan too. Sorry you got treated crappy, but at least now you have Megan on speed dial (don't know you do.)

  5. I love Megan too (you know that). She's like my blogging hero. Also, she's geographically close to me so I feel a kind of kinship. Great choice, Ellen.

  6. oooh. don't know her... yet.

    Very nice little tribute, I'll have to go check her out.

  7. Ellen, I think YOU are the blogger that I would like to thank.Mostly because I really appreciate how you wear your heart on your sleeve, also because my granddaughter is 3 and she also C.P. So I feel like you will go through everything first and then I can learn from you, I thank you because you have great give aways, and also because you said you would tweet about my Cerebral Palsy Stained Glass Ribbons (I don't have a twitter account but I am appreciative that you passed it along. Because I'd like to thank you I would love to give you a stained glass ribbon to use as give away on your blog! thank YOU!

  8. Well, Ellen does rock, but I'll echo support for Cooper and Emily from The Motherhood. I just love those ladies -- so willing to help so many moms. They deserve some bigtime kudos!

  9. Ellen,
    I'm so sorry to hear that you got treated badly by a site you contributed to! I loved this post though. It really highlights the wonderful community spirit in the mom blogging community. Especially after all the bad press about swag and mom bloggers just building their brand, it's great to read positive posts like this one that remind us all that mom bloggers look out for one another and time after time rally to help.

  10. I love Megan and adore the way she says, "Because damn!" It cracks me up every time!

  11. Great tribute to an even greater friend -- thanks for sharing!!!


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