Friday, June 25, 2010

A great, big thank you to...Jenny at The Bloggess

So, this is my last blogger thank-you post in the series this week sponsored by P&G's Thank You, Mom program. If you're expecting this to be funny because it's about Jenny from The Bloggess, you are going to be sorely disappointed. I am not going there since I cannot possibly hold a candle to her. I have decided that this post is going to be serious and earnest and full of clichés, because then there will be absolutely no comparison to her blog, which is hysterically funny and creative and fresh at all times. Nothing here will even make you smile and if you want to laugh please go read The Bloggess right this second.

Jenny is a woman who possesses a very large sense of humor. She can make anything in the whole, wide world funny: trying to sell a camera on ebay or sending a letter to the King of Germany or finding a mushroom that resembles a boob. Every single one of Jenny's posts makes me laugh out loud, like this: HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA. No matter what kind of foul or wretched mood I find myself in, I will most surely laugh when I go to her site. Jenny brightens up the darkest days. She can lift you up from that pit of despair and send your spirits soaring. She is the sun, the moon, and the stars.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Jenny, for spreading sunshine and good cheer and for keeping your chin up and for always seeing the bright side of things and for tickling people's funny bones because laughter really is the best medicine and he who laughs last, laughs best, and I have run out of clichés. But wait, I just looked up "laughter" on a quotes site and there was an appropriately not-funny quote from someone with a not-funny name, Mort Walker, so I thought I'd add it: "Seven days without laughter makes one weak." But wait, I just looked up who Mort Walker is and he is the guy who created Beetle Bailey, which is a not-funny comic strip so I think I am OK here. Also, I thought I might add a quote from The Talmud I also found on that site, given that it is appropriately sobering: "Beware of too much laughter, for it deadens the mind and produces oblivion."

Jenny, there are no words left in my heart other than keep up the good work and rock on and I hope you have a nice day.

Gravely yours,


You can see who else bloggers are thanking at The Motherhood. Given how dull this post was, it might excite you to know that Thank You, Mom has an essay contest and every month they're giving 15 winners $1000, a video camera and a sense of humor. OK, not the sense of humor, you don't really need one, just read The Bloggess. But it's still a cool contest.


  1. Jenny rocks! She makes me laugh every single time I read anything she writes...and let's face it I need a lot of laughter in my life. If I ever meet her I will kiss her (on the mouth -- you hear that Jenny?) Poor woman is never going to come out of the bathroom now. I think I am a bona fide stalker now.

  2. wow...good blog nice..god bless you

  3. This just made my whole morning. For real.

  4. She had me at Kristoffer Kristofferson!

    Hilarious blog ~ my latest addiction!

  5. She is very funny, and that's why she's so huge...

    That was sweet, Ellen, you don't always have to be funny you know, we like to see your heart, too.


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