Friday, May 28, 2010

Max's continued identity crisis

So, Max is OK, no concussion. He slept a little restlessly (I sure didn't sleep too well) and this morning, his eyes seemed like they were a bit dilated, but he was his usual cheerful self and I decided I was still overreacting. So I sent him off to school, called the nurse there and asked her to take a look at him. She says he's OK.

In a word, PHEW. Felicia and Jerri, thank you ever so much for that lovely suggestion to go comfort myself with ice-cream. As if I needed encouragement. :)

This seems like a fine time to update you about Max's latest identity change. The obsession with purple that started sometime this fall is still going, in full purple force. Last week Ally from Ally in Wonderland, an absolutely lovely and wonderful special-ed teacher (I have often wished she was Max's teacher!) sent us this framed Purple Profile.

It's from her childhood—she loved the color purple back then. As she e-mailed me, "It's sitting in a box now, totally wasted, it needs to be with someone who'll appreciate it." She is so sweet that she was even concerned she couldn't find purple bubble wrap to send it in, so she layered pink and blue for a purple-ish shade.

Max giggled with glee when we opened the box. Then he lay down on my bed, held the frame (with TWO hands!!!) and gazed at in awe. I read the words to him:

You are a purple person if...

• You are imaginative, sensitive, artistic and sophisticated.
• You are alert, demanding, foresighted, confident, resourceful, spontaneous and highly independent.
• You take chances and believe that you mst do so to make the most of what life has to offer.
• Purple is a unique color, and it is truly a unique individual who holds it dear.

And now, for the big announcement: I am here to inform you that Max is no longer Purple Max. It's a good thing we didn't put through the paperwork to legally change his name, because he has decided to amend it. I'm surprised Ally's profile did not mention how fickle purple people can be.

As of a few weeks ago, after we took him to a car wash, he decided he was Purple Car Wash Max. And then, as of a couple of weeks ago, he fell in love with spaghetti. At school they've been teaching kids about other countries and Max took a liking to Italy and, in particular, its pasta.

And so now, he is Purple Car Wash Spaghetti Max. When I lean in to kiss him good night and say "I love you, Max" he shakes his head and I have to say, "I love you Purple Car Wash Spaghetti Max." The only thing that soothes him when he is upset is to tell him that I will take him to the car wash, soon, and we will eat spaghetti there. Sounds totally do-able.

I am not sure Max's new name will serve him well in his professional life down the road ("Introducing our CEO, Purple Car Wash Spaghetti Max!") but, hey, it works for him now.

Wishing you and your kids a lovely long weekend filled with purple, car washes, spaghetti and whatever makes everyone happy. Reminder (shameless self promotion alert), you can vote daily for that Nickelodeon Parents Connect award I'm up for, just click the button at the top of the page on the right.


  1. I think "Purple Car Wash Spaghetti Max" would make a great character in a children's book!

    So glad he's okay!

  2. I agree with Bloom's comment.....sounds like a book in the making!!! Love it. :)

  3. That was so sweet of your friend! It makes me so happy to hear about Max's new fascinations. I get so excited when Faith finds something that she loves and latches on.

  4. I am all about some spaghetti myself. Please send Max over so we can make some.

  5. Well, now you'll just have to make some spaghetti with beet juice to turn it purple, crank up the Rose Royce song "CAR WASH" on your stereo, and polish the meal off with some blueberry ice cream (which looks purple to my eye, anyway)!

    Sing it with feeling, y'all!!!

  6. Louise and Looking Up: YES, that is a book! Felicia, you are just full of creative ideas. Katy, Max will soon be en route to you for the making of purple spaghetti and please be sure to take Felicia's good advice and feed him blueberry ice-cream as well.

  7. I voted! And I love the idea of a spaghetti car wash. Do you eat before you wash? That is the question. db

  8. Okay, I have the most brilliant supurb fantastic idea ever for Purple Car wash Spaghetti about making him some purple spaghetti to eat...and no I am not kidding (it's easier than you might think too) ;)


    tesnjen at aol dot com

  9. I think it is a great CEO name! Who knows what kind of company Max can found when he's older---and a carwash attached to a pasta factory may be a big money-maker!

  10. Having computer issues! That above post was from me. Have a great weekend!

  11. Oh, he is definitely a purple person!

    We love you, Max!


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