Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The afternoon shower, and other excitement

Monday, I took a shower at 2 p.m. I didn't expect it to be a revelation, but as I was shampooing and scrubbing and shaving and pumicing, I realized how awesome it felt to be in the shower in the afternoon.

I haven't had an afternoon shower in a really long time; it's not part of my routine. I typically only do morning showers.

Damn routine.

I wasn't a routine-loving person before I became a parent. But kids, they love their routines. Especially Max, a boy who feels most happy and most comfortable when he knows exactly what's going to happen and when. We have wakeup routines, meal routines, drink routines, car routines, Purple Max routines, play routines, potty routines, bedtime routines, routine routines.

The routines tend to make life feel like it's speeding by. Sometimes, it's hard to tell one day from the next, one week from the next. Sometimes, routines make me feel like the settled-in, suburban mom that I am; they make me acutely aware of the passage of time and that I am getting, gulp, older.

My friend Wendy came to visit this weekend; while she was here, our neighbor, Greg, dropped by to ask about borrowing the power washer. I had to explain to Wendy, who's from the city, about the wonders of the power washer and why I'm always using ours. "When did we get this old that we're standing around discussing power washers?!" she asked after Greg left. Yep.

How about you—do you like routines? Or do they sometimes feel so...routine?

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  1. There's some routine in our life but I often wish for more. Given my daughter's uncontrolled epilepsy, no day ever feels like the same and we never know what to expect. I always say that some boredom would be in order --

  2. Routines are bittersweet for me. I do feel like they make time seem boring and repetitive. I often break routine because I just don't have the mind set to enjoy it. But then again sometimes it is nice to know what the kids want and when they will want it. Good question! Tough to answer in one short reply :o)

  3. I am a routine person all the way around! I thrive on it. Once I get going on something, I HAVE to have it that way. Even if it's something hard, I want things to stay the way they are. I guess it's more a No Change thing. But I do like my routine. Same therapy schedule for about 3 years now! See what I mean! LOL!

  4. We live between two houses because I work (a lot and odd hours) so the routines are salvation especially at bedtime. I never was much of a routine person either, back in the day. If I wanted to stay out all night whooping it up, I did. If I wanted to sleep till noon, I did. When it's no longer about just us, though, we have to adjust to the needs of the little ones, at least until they've flown the coop!

  5. But wait, what's a power washer??????

  6. I like routines...but like to break out of them from time to time!

  7. I am a routine person too, although we fell into it once the children arrived. The school run started it bigtime time though and my son with autism sealed it as he needs routine. I find now that if our routine goes astray I can't find myself or catch up:) I don't know how many years it has been since I had an afternoon shower lol. Jen.

  8. I'm not the biggest fan, but they do help. So I say they have a time and a place.

  9. I have not been able to figure out how to get routine in my life. I never grew up with it, and I guess some things never change.

    And I welcome a shower anytime I can work it in. It feels great whether I can grab it at 6 AM or 10 PM.

    Fabulous picture, by the way. Love it.

  10. We do our best to give the kids a routine - I think it gives them some comfort when so much else in their lives is constantly changing.

    I have routines that I'm striving to make better, but they will do for now.

  11. Elizabeth, I am sorry if this seemed insensitive in any way. I agree, a routine day with kids who have disabilities is far better than the alternative.

    Candace, therapy routines are the one routine I REALLY adore! We've had Max's OT here on Tuesdays and Thursdays since he was three months old.

    Lyla, come visit and I will teach you all about power washers!

    David, I know, routines are really important for kids, special needs or not. Sigh.

  12. Our routines are about the kids - my daughter has Down Syndrome and Autism and I have a 3 year old typically developing son.

    I'm also trying to work at home as a blogger and Special Needs writer, so giving the kids a routine makes it easier sometimes to write - not that it still doesn't feel like a struggle.

    I get more bored by routines then they do!

  13. I'm not big on routines, but I've learned they can make life easier. But for me...a shower ANY time of the day is a wonderful thing since I'm still operating in the every-other-day showers are better than no showers mode!


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