Thursday, March 18, 2010

Spring fever: What are you getting all excited about?

Major thanks for your candid responses to Monday's post about our having a third kid. Survey says, "Just do it!" Dave and I have a lot to talk about during our vacation next week. Given that we're going to Disney World, I am not sure how clearheaded our thinking will be. Today I asked Sabrina if she'd like a baby brother or sister. "I'd like a puppy," she said, definitively. Ooooooooo-kay, then.

It was gloriously beautiful outside today, total weather schizophrenia: There was a crazy storm this weekend and the unfinished part of our basement flooded. We spent most of Saturday night sopping up water with towels and exhausting our wet vac. (Do we know how to have a good time or what?) I let the kids have ice-cream twice today, I couldn't resist. Signs of spring are all around: the green shoots of daffodils sprouting in our backyard, the happy shouts of kids playing outside, Peeps (gotta get my hands on some purple ones), and the bright yellow flyer that arrived in the mail inviting us to opening day of the Little League Challenger Division, for kids with disabilities ages 5 to 18. There's contact info on the site, if you want to look into this.

Here's a video of Max in action last spring that some of you may recall; it made me so proud. And, no, Dave wasn't drunk when he shot it.

Photo by Metrix X


  1. That video is fabulous.

    You know, I think how much stress and anxiety would've been "alleviated" from you if you had just been able to see the future that way, back when Max was born. You would've smiled so big...what a treasure. To see where we are now from where we came's a fantastic thing. Whoda thunk it, Max playing baseball.

    Beautiful. Thank you.


  2. Loved the clip. His yellow shirt was great, perfect for spring and daffodils:) Jen.

  3. LOVE IT!

    So excited you get to escape...and to the most magical place on earth!

    I love warm weather! To be able to have the doors/windows open ~ makes my heart sing!

  4. Honey, invest in a sump pump in that unfinished part of your basement--you may never need it again (or not for twenty years), but you'll have that "peace of mind" and it will be even more important if you ever finish that basement!!

    I love that video, and happy hunting on the purple peeps front!

  5. Yes, spring is definitely in the air. Besides the change in temperature, there is just a different feel when I am outside. I know how much Max and Sabrina love the warm weather and playing outside. When Margo gets a little older, she can play with her adorable cousins.

  6. love that video!! love that dave says, run max run all authoritative like.. and then he says good job at the end. reminds me of my husband, he pushes Eric to do something and then is so proud when he figures it out. I hope, hope, hope Eric can play baseball.

    go MAX!

  7. We are so happy about spring here too. olivia does challenger league baseball and she loves it!!

  8. I am hoping to go to Disney World too this spring...hopefully. I want to go before it gets too hot. We shall see...

  9. Max is so cute! I saw purple peeps at Walgreens and the Dollar tree! LOL!

  10. So cute - When I asked one of my girls if they wanted a brother or sister, she also said ' a puppy'. So, we got a puppy, and ALSO got pregnant.
    Suzy, our third, is obviously the hardest (because she is our child with special needs); however, I wouldn't change it for the world!!
    A family of 5 is a wonderful thing. Good luck with your decision.


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