Monday, March 15, 2010

Sablog: a "blog" by Sabrina, age 5

So, where did you go with Daddy the other week that was special?

Sabrina: "Um, go skiing."

And did you like it?

Sabrina: "I'm not talking about it."

Why not? Sabrina? Sabrina?

Sabrina: "My socks are falling down."

OK, I'll fix them.

Sabrina: "I want to talk about something else! Let's talk about Max."

OK, what do you want to say?

Sabrina: "Max likes purple!"

I know! And what else does Max like?

Sabrina: "Max's hat is purple! Max has purple shoes!"

Do you want purple shoes?

Sabrina: "I want blue!"

Who's your favorite brother?

Sabrina: "Max."

And why do you love him so much?

Sabrina: "Because he's my brother. I want to write!"

Ok, write!

[And these are the first words Sabrina's ever typed about her brother.]

i love max
max is 7
max is a happy boy
max go to school
max loves sabrina


  1. We all like you Sabrina! What a fine sister you are! Terrific writing!

  2. GO Sabrina! I'd like to say Ruby was as positive about her role as a sibling.

  3. Absolutely beautiful picture. The white with the black with the pink, and Sabrina's rosy cheeks.

    Beautiful..that one needs to be BIG and up on a wall.

    Love that she loves Max.

  4. Great job Sabrina!! Max is lucky to have you!!

  5. Clever girl! She's taking over your blog!

  6. That is just so lovely:) Jen.

  7. Brilliant outsourcing. Sabrina, if you also make pancakes, I'd like to hire you to be my writer/pancake maker. When you are ready for job!

  8. I love Sabrina, too. What an awesome big sister.


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