Saturday, December 6, 2008

My secret to sane weekends

So, not that this idea is Einstein-level genius, but it's enabled me to have fun, relaxed weekends with the family: WE DON'T DO CHORES. I just finish up stuff the best I can on weekdays after the kids go to sleep, even if it means tossing in a load of laundry at midnight. This way, we get to have our weekends all to ourselves.

Max's idea of weekend fun: Beer, and lots of it. Don't be alarmed, we didn't let him drink till he was 5.

Sabrina's idea of weekend fun: Wear Mommy's '80s headband from high school and get pushover Daddy to buy the biggest chocolate cupcake in the whole wide world.

I started no-chore weekends before we had kids. I figured, I work my ass off during the weekdays, what's the big deal with staying up a couple more hours to get stuff done? (I also happen to be a night owl, if you couldn't tell from the occasional post-midnight post like this one). Obviously, sometimes we have to run to the dry cleaner's or pick up something at the supermarket. And sometimes, I can't get it all done during the weekdays—but unless it's dire, I save it till Monday. For now, we remain duty-free on weekends.


  1. Hi Ellen,

    It's so great to meet you and thank you for your post. Your blog is excellent and I have really enjoyed reading it; you are a great writer and Max is such a sweetie. I look forward to following your blog as well. Thank you again for contacting me; it is great to be able to share stories and parenting advice with others.
    Keep in touch.
    Christine and Gabriella

  2. What a *great* idea to have a no chore weekend. I got absolutely nothing done on my to-do list today, but we did have hours of playing with the bambina and a beautiful, late afternoon walk into town -- just as it started to snow. I'm learning how to relax about the to-do list. It helps a lot that my guy does the big weekend grocery runs!

  3. Great idea! If only I could convince my husband!

  4. I dream of a chore free weekend. Sadly though, that's often the ONLY time I can get stuff done ;-( Boohoo!
    Things will change once I can train up the kids to do all their own chores - but I'm getting BC might be joining Max for a beer before I'll get a decent break on the weekend!

  5. It's a great idea - however, in my house it seems every week is a no chore week so we need to get something done on weekends. Usually we limit it to only a couple things though. Time together is most important.

    My husband will be interested to know that you introduced beer to Max when he was 5 - I was going to wait until Bennett was at least 6! :)

  6. Hi Ellen

    Thanks for stopping by Reichen's blog! I love your site! That is too funny about the beer. As I always say, you need to start them young.. Do not want them to have no tolerance in college (DISCLAIMER - Joke -- in case that did not come through ;)

    Max is adorable!

  7. That? Is a great idea! I think my house would go to even bigger crap if I instituted it, but the thought is nice! I would like to dedicate an hour on Saturday morning and have my husband actually participate, and just knock it out quickly. I tried the flylady, but her emails drove me mad.
    Thanks for your kind words. Max is a doll!


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