Wednesday, October 21, 2020

A pandemic family visit to the dentist tra la la

OK, guys, hold on, don't get out of the car yet. I have to call the office, they wanted me to let them know when we got here to make sure the other patients have cleared out.

Sabrina, can you please help Max step up onto the curb? I'm trying to find a glove or paper towel to hold the door handle.


Ben and Sabrina, walk up the stairs. Max, are you sure you want to take the elevator? Can't you just walk? No? OK, we'll take the elevator.


Whoa. Where did all the furniture in the waiting room go? I'm not even going to ask about the fish tank. Who is setting up all the plexiglass dividers at places, anyway? At least one small business in our community is doing OK.

Phew, we all passed the temperature check. 

Bye, Sabrina, have a good cleaning.

OK, Max, you're good. 

Let me know how the tartar buildup on his teeth is. Oh, and just so you know, he wants to move to Los Angeles and if he ends up talking while you are cleaning his teeth and you don't understand him there is a good chance he's telling you that he wants to move to Los Angeles. Max, you can tell her now that you want to move to Los Angeles but try not to talk when she is cleaning your teeth, OK? People in Los Angeles have really clean teeth so it's good that you are getting your teeth cleaned!

Ben, buddy, here you go. Look, SpongeBob is on TV! 

FYI, Ben has just turned five and he is a big boy so he can handle getting his teeth cleaned while I'm in the other room. Right, Ben? Hey maybe she can count how many teeth you have. 

Oh, thank you! Wow, that's a lot. 

OK, I'm going to go get my teeth cleaned, love you, see you soon.

Um, wait, how many teeth does he have? What did she just say? 

Hi! Nice to see you. I know, we are so overdue. My last appointment was scheduled for April! I know, it's all weird. Have any patients tested positive? Well, I'm sure they have to understand if you turned them away because someone's temperature wasn't good. Maybe soon offices will have instant Covid testing. 

Wow, that metal filter on the ceiling has a ton of rust spots. I wonder how bad the air circulation is here. Oh, well.

Should I be wearing goggles too?!

The people who really scare me are the asymptomatic ones. I mean, what if one of the patients before me was asymptomatic? Those droplets could still be in this room! Sorry, I'll stop talking now, I don't get out much these days! 

Sure, you can take x-rays of my molars. 

Isn't it quaint that I used to worry about stuff like radiation?  

I'm just going to go say hi to my children while you're loading the images.

Hey, Max, how's it going? Wait, I'll hold the cup for you and then you can spit out the water. Ty to spit. Spit! Spit! OK, good job. 

I know, we try to brush his teeth but it's hard. I'll talk with the dentist.

Hiiiiii Benny! Your teeth are looking so nice and shiny and clean! 

How many teeth does he have again? 

Twenty teeth twenty teeth twenty teeth twenty teeth

OK, Ben, you're almost done, Mommy's going back to finish her cleaning.

It's nice to be able to lay back and just watch TV. When do I ever get to actually really focus on TV? Hey, aren't those judges on Chopped sitting way too close to each other? Oh, wait, filmed pre-Covid. 

I've been trying to floss. You would think I have all the time in the world to floss because I'm working from home, but honestly, some days finding time for a bathroom break is a challenge. I'll spare you the details.

Actually, I got a Waterpik during Amazon Prime Day, I was thinking that could be really good for Max, what do you think? OK, we'll ask his hygienist. 

Hi, Ben! Ooooh, Batman toothbrush, cool! OK, you can hang in front with Sabrina.


Hi, Max, come sit down in the chair, I'm almost done.

Glad he did well! I can remember back when he was little and he wailed when he went to the dentist, he's come a long way. So, we got a WaterPik, do you think that would be good for Max? Yes, I think he'll be OK with the stream of water, if he leans over the sink it can pour out of his mouth. Agree, it's worth a shot.

Hi, Dr. F, nice to see how. How are you? I know, it's all so weird. 

Wait, what? I have a cavity

I haven't had a cavity in years and I get one during a pandemic?! 

2020, you're killing me. 

Not telling him about my comfort cupcake habit. 

Well, at least it hasn't hurt! Yup, I'll make an appointment for a filling, take care. 

Wow, the next time we can do a family visit is May. I wonder what life will be like by then. 

So you think I can wait till the end of November to get this cavity filled? OK, call me if you have any cancellations, I'm around HA HA HA HA HA!

It was so good to see you. Really, it was SO good to see you. Stay healthy. And sane! HA HA HA HA HA!

Yes, Sabrina, I do brush my teeth well. Sometimes you get cavities. 

Max, are you sure you want to take the elevator downstairs? OK, fine. Ben and Sabrina, we'll meet you downstairs. 


Now that I think about it, is that tooth kinda hurting? 

I need a cupcake.


  1. Ellen….
    Wow, I can feel the anxiety and stress from that trip to the dentist!! And I completely understand. Going to the dentist B.C., {Before Coronavirus}, made me feel anxious and stressed, already…. :)
    Doesn’t 2020 feel like it has been an ENTIRE DECADE long, instead of nearly eleven months?! ;-D
    Peace and Love, Mary Lou

  2. Congrats on surviving the visit to the dental office. My spouse son and I went together and in the summer and like you, it was very different experience. And sorry about the cavity! What a year it’s been.


Thanks for sharing!

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