Friday, May 15, 2020

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  1. Dropped in to say that I put in posts 15 to 35 - and there are still some Thinking People and Quarantine Art posts I wanted to share.

    Vickie's Mothers' Day post was splendid and awesome.

    And that post / article about the woman in South Australia who died the death she did - I hope people remember the way she lived and take systemic and systematic action.

    (When I saw that story on the afternoon/evening news...).

    So the Limelight Magazine is an arts magazine and this story is about mental health in the entertainment and arts industries and how people are helping themselves.

    Hayden has some good helps - three big points about homeschooling with ADHD which is very own voices as he has ADHD too. LIndsay Levitska had a really terrific one about reading which I had nearly forgotten about. Look for A HEART FOR ALL STUDENTS for a post about kids and reading. It had me thinking of a close relative.

    I had not seen Jack Davis's artwork for a while and he had not seen his brother Mike for 7 years. (2013-2020). Neither brother could recognize each other in a crowd; yet the 21st century technologies brought them and us together.

    Another post about the tech world is from Chavisory. It shows lots of art projects that people are putting on in a live way.

    I had not been to Neuroclastic in 2 weeks - when Terra and Sebastian deconstructs the AQ test it was so good. THat is the Autistic Spectrum Quotient by Simon Baron Cohen and his friends, I mean, peers...

    Also there was a Scoop post which is important about VR, and the Diablo post is very helpful about social development for elementary and secondary levels.


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