Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Whatever keeps your child happy during the quarantine is just plain awesome

Last Memorial Day, which feels like a hundred years ago, Max decided that he liked holding an American flag out the window as I drove around. I was fine with that—if it made him happy and it was patriotic to boot, why not?

A couple of weeks ago, Max asked for a flag. I wasn't sure what his plans were but as it turned out, he wanted to hold it and stroll up and down our driveway. Ever since, he's been doing that on days when the weather is nice for an hour or even two.

"It's spring!" he joyfully tells me when he heads outside. He also likes hanging in our backyard with the flag while Dave pushes Ben on the swing.

As unusual as Max's activity may be, I'm glad he's figured out something that he enjoys. He's not a boy who reads books, plays video games or does group chats with friends, and it hasn't been easy finding ways to occupy him.*


At first, I wondered if I needed to figure out something more fun or interesting for him to do. Then I thought: Organizing stuff around the house gives me good feels—when the world feels out of control, putting things in their place brings me peace. Who am I to decide what works for Max? I'll bet that the motion of waving the flag and the repetition is soothing and enteratining to Max.

Bonus points for getting his arm up in the air—look at that supination (aka upward-facing forearm)!—said like the parent of a child with cerebral palsy.

Also, not to be a downer but: Probably no Memorial Day Parade or Fourth of July Parade this year, so he might as well get his flag-waving thrills now.


Also: I get major mom points for stocking up on flags last summer at the dollar store. Max broke his often or Ben would want one and break them, so I hoarded a bunch. Hoarding comes in really handy during pandemics.

Max has spring break this week. We were going to go to Mexico. Instead, you'll find him on our driveway or in our backyard, happily waving a flag.

Let your flag fly, people. Let it fly.

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