Monday, February 3, 2020

Breaking: Teen cleans kitchen floor without being asked to

In a shocking development, a teen has cleaned the kitchen floor without being asked to do so.

The event occurred over the weekend when Max S., 17, poured himself a cup of water from the refrigerator water dispenser.

"I was happily watching him help himself to water," said his mother, Ellen S. "This is a new skill for Max, who has cerebral palsy and some challenges using his hands. He opened a cabinet, took out a cup, poured himself a cupful and drank it all on his own. It was awesome."

During the process, Max splashed some water onto the floor.

"Usually in our house, when anyone spills anything on the kitchen floor—water, apple juice, bread or cake crumbs, rice, lasagna, yogurt, pickle juice, ketchup, milk, soy sauce, you name it—it just sits there until I clean it up," said Ellen. "I mean, I could leave a spill there for days, a week, maybe two weeks, maybe a month, maybe a whole year, maybe ten, maybe forever and nobody would touch it. What's up with that? Why are moms the only ones who ever notice the floor is dirty?!"

Not this time. As Ellen watched in astonishment, Max grabbed a dish towel, bent over and wiped up the floor. "Then he flashed this big grin at me," says Ellen. "He was so pleased with himself. And I was so excited for him. The whole thing was an impressive feat of fine-motor skills, not to mention, the core strength and balance he had to use to crouch down!"

When asked about his breakthrough cleanup, Max—who dreams of moving to California—said, "This is not my real home. Los Angeles is my home."

Ellen sincerely hopes that this is not the first and last time someone in her family cleans the kitchen floor.

Asked why they never clean the kitchen floor, the rest of the family—Dave, Sabrina and Ben—declined to comment.


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