Tuesday, January 1, 2019

The Love That Max Year in Review 2018

A look back at the year's highlights, tough moments and everything in between.

In January I pondered how to deal with screen time and children with disabilities, shared a secret to instant optimism and opened a discussion about people's biases about disabilities before they had a child with disabilities.

In February I gave props to the mom who invented Caroline's Cart, got excited because Max hated me. revealed 11 million ways to head off a cold (including Vitamin Cadbury Creme Egg) and celebrated Max's speech progress.

In March I shared Raising Children With Disabilities: Someday You're Going To Wish This and an awesome viral video by parents of children with Down syndromecelebrated 13 years of Sabrina; and vented about all the uphill battles we fight for our children.

In April, I mused on our children achieving stuff later (or never), got excited about a boy with disabilities I watched mailing a letter and gave a virtual hug (and reassurance) to moms who cry in their cars after IEPs.

In May, Max became a backseat driver and marched in our town's Memorial Day parade and I gave props to us moms for pushing past every "no."

In June, Max went to prom and told me he wanted to take an Uber, and I discussed the invisible labor dads of disabilities do.

In July, Max headed to the movies alone and I ranted about Starbucks ditching plastic straws and mourned the surgery that didn't work.

In August, I noted nine amazing things about this photo, shared the scoop from a mom of a child with disabilities who starred in a Target ad and felt grateful for the amazing thing a mom at the other table did.

In September I talked about parenting a child who is multiple ages and discovered that special needs moms would be worth $828,836 a year if we got paid for all the jobs we do. Also: Max wrote about his fantasy house in Orlando.

In October I noted one good way to tell how a child was raised—how they treat those with disabilities, celebrated Ben's third birthday, got giddy about Disney Cruise magic and paid tribute to the blessings the murdered Pittsburgh brothers with disabilities left behind.

In November, I felt gleeful when Max ratted his dad out; shared the abilities people don't see; and celebrated the tenth anniversary (!) of this blog.

In December, I shared 16 things I couldn't have imagined when Max was born in honor of his 16th birthday; a great short film about including kids with disabilities; and the best email in the history of emails (because Max wrote it).

Wishing you a 2019 filled with happiness, milestones and inchstones, fun times, minimal drama and much greatness.

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