Monday, December 3, 2018

Its never too late to start teasing your mom

"Do you think Max will ever be able to tease me or Dave?" isn't a question I've ever asked our pediatric neurologist—I mean, what would he say? I have wondered about it, though. Max has a great sense of humor, and it seemed like a possibility.

I fully realize that it is whacked to want your teen to make fun of you. I already have my fair share from another certain member of our household. The thing is, teasing is an advanced level of cognition. You need to understand concepts to be able to provoke someone about them. And I want that for Max. I want everything for Max.

The other night, I was headed out to run an errand. Max stood by the back door and threw open his arms. He's not that much into hugging lately (typical teen) and I was excited. I gave him a big one.

"Wait, don't you don't hate me?" I teased him. He is quite fond of telling me how much he hates me. (Very typical teen.) He grinned.

"Just a little!" he said, and grinned even more.

Right. There.


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