Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Otherwise known as the Diaper Dash champ

Jack-Jack's Diaper Dash is one of my favorite activities on a Disney Cruise. Basically, staffers lay down a padded mat with lanes in the lobby of the ship, parents sign up their tots and plop them down, and then babies crawl to the finish line. There were enough toddlers on hand to do a race of their own on our cruise the other week.

Ben loves to run, but he can be a bit shy around other people. Sure enough, when the toddler race was set to begin and we walked over to the starting point, he immediately put his fingers into his mouth. That's what he does when he's unsure of his surroundings.

There aren't many rules for this race. Kids have to be in diapers. You can't hold your kids hand, although you can coach them along as they run. I didn't have any expectations—I was just excited to have a little kid participating, amidst all the cuteness. I told Ben to run to me, then I headed to the other side. A crowd gathered around the race course and on the floor up above.

The MC announced each child and their state, and told the kids to take their places. When the race started Ben stood there, uncertainly, as the other kids dashed off. Sabrina was next to me and motioned him to head on over. And he did.

You can hear the roar of the crowd right at the end of the video. Ben was pretty blasé about winning, until he got a cute Mickey medal. For the rest of the cruise, kids and adults alike would pass us by and say "Didn't he win the Diaper Dash?" It was like being with a celebrity.

I have watched this video a kajillion times. I love it because it captures the adorable way Ben runs, his arms flapping side to side. I love it because he unexpectedly won. I love it because this is such a precious time in his life. By the time we go on another cruise, he'll be too big for the Diaper Dash. For now, though, meet the toddler Diaper Dash champ of the cruise.


  1. Love the way Ben experienced his celebrity moment.

    And like many celebrities, he was humble and dignified.

    Mickey medals are big.

    And I know there are lots of Disney runs and walks throughout the lifespan. On cruise ships and off them.

    Though for most people, there will only be the one Diaper Dash.

    All the cuteness!


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