Thursday, September 20, 2018

Hey, special needs moms, you're worth $828,836 a year

You're not likely to find "Special Needs Mom" listed on LinkedIn, but when it comes down to it, we moms do a whole lot of jobs really, really well. What, exactly, would a special need's mom salary be if she were paid for the work she does? People were musing that question over on my friend Brenda's Facebook page the other day. Someone said $150,000, but then others decided it could be double that, especially for moms who are home full-time. Well, I did the math—and the answer is $828,836.

Here's a look at the wide variety of jobs we do daily, with a breakdown of the salaries:

Communications director: $72,558
Patient advocate: $40,496
Education advocate: $48,529
Medical coordinator: $33,015
Nurse: $67,490
Medical insurance claims processor: $37,563
Feeding/swallowing specialist: $61,000
Home health care aide: $24,040
Social director: $54,518
Physical therapist assistant: $56,580
Occupational therapist assistant: $60,341
Speech therapist assistant: $57,884
Music therapist: $50,808
Behavior management specialist: $40,326

PLUS! The annual salaries for the standard jobs we moms do:
Muber (Mom+Uber): $30,000
Housekeeper: $26,133
Short-order cook: $27,450
Organizer: $40,105

And I'm not even counting grocery bagger, personal shopper and bath attendant. And really, could you even quantify boo-boo kisser, crayon guider and arbiter of making sure everyone gets the same sized slice? Nope.

The grand total: $828,836

If only!

Job conditions can vary, depending on how clean the house is, whether laundry's piled up everywhere, whether we are well stocked with caffeinated beverages and whatever moods our children are in. The benefits are pretty good, especially when we see that our kids are making progress, thriving and generally happy. And I'd say we moms do a kick-butt job every single day—no slackers here. Bonuses may come in the form of hugs or kisses but, hey, that's priceless. And when you get right down to it, so are we.

Here's a little reminder to print out and tack onto your fridge for the next time you're overwhelmed, frazzled or just plain over it.

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