Monday, July 30, 2018

Where's my Moscato and other important things in life

A year ago, the impossible happened: I went on a girls' getaway with my two best friends. We were all "Hey, let's do it next year!" This weekend, the impossible repeated itself: We managed to go away together again, and once more I felt like someone hit my reset button. 

We were in Delaware's Brandywine Valley, a historic area filled with mansions, museums, wineries and great restaurants. The DuPont family settled here in the early 19th century, opening the gun powder company that would lead to their fortune. We stayed at the beautiful DuPont hotel. We wondered why we are not DuPonts. 

My friend Wendy reminded me that someday I am going to miss having Ben crash in our bed, but I'll just say I did not miss having someone kicking me in the middle of the night.  

Scandal occurred during high tea (Wendy's on the left, Hedy's in the middle), when I accidentally ate one of Wendy's scones.

We went to the spectacular...

...Longwood Gardens...

...and I could not stop...

...taking pictures of flowers.  

We saw a show there at night, Music Man, followed by a fountain display. 

We toured the Winterthur mansion mansion and wondered what you'd do if you had 175 rooms in your house. 

We wondered why we did not have a small room to hold all our candlesticks and candelabras.

I actually had time to stand somewhere and just look up.

We did did a wine tasting, then hit another winery and had some more. I like sweet—Moscato's my fave. You?

We toured the Nemours mansion...

...(a mere 77 rooms)...

...and gaped at this view. #notapostcard

We got spa treatments. We played mini golf. We checked out the Wilmington Riverfront and a crafts fair. We learned fun facts!

Yes, I missed the kids. I got a video from Max at camp and one of Ben saying "I love you, Mommy" and I could not stop watching them. But I so needed this time to relax, enjoy, wander, wonder, reboot and not pick up anyone's towels or tackle any of the kajillion chores or to-dos on my list. 

I know getaways aren't easy to plan. But if you haven't done anything like this in a while or ever, DO IT, in whatever way you can make it happen. You deserve it.  

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