Friday, January 26, 2018

The Disability Blogger Weekend Link-up: Read, post, repeat

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Like this: Screen time and kids and teens with disabilities—how to deal

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  1. It's been a long time since I read of Sebastian and Benjamin. This taking-into-account-other-perspectives is great and how people who you love and who love you become part of you.

    Jill Seaney gives good facts about fistula and the feelings too.

    Project Connect is all about books and sharing with children and others.

    I have taken several power naps the last few days and Jamie Sumner's post about power naps and the power is great. It helps to have napping uncles.

    Franken added to a body part has literary force and human force also.

    Sometimes people can feel like animals on display. Reading this post made me feel as if I were at the museum rather than the zoo.

    DC was in Disneyland Paris and Cinderella's castle was there.

    Peggy Sue is a great story. And Cliff Notes of the theatre world. When I want to tell someone what a play or show is about...

    Dominic is keen on calendars - "I may never know the reason why" on Bountiful Plates.

    Kori at Home writes about yoga and meltdowns. There are postures and positions which are important. And if you feel yourself growing tighter...

    Bethany is celebrating Valentine's with her family. And maybe some friends from Flash Club? This makes love very concrete and real.

    Just a different life makes a video of Augmentative Communication.

  2. Having a brother with autism has been a gift from God, as he's now 16 but too strong for his mom. I help with him and watch as he learning to communicate. Often we just get in the car and ride or go swimming. He's advancing a lot now and I love reading blogs like this because I know I'm not alone.

    1. Hi Calvin,

      You're a strong man too, along with your brother and mother.

      How is your mother getting stronger - mentally; emotionally; socially?

      And I know you're doing great.


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