Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Feeling #grateful for the progress these videos show

When Max does his weekly music therapy sessions with Miss Amanda, he enjoys making videos. I was just looking at a recent one, and loving it. Max likes to make up songs about stuff he's excited about, and this time around he sang about an upcoming trip to New York City with Dave.

And then, for some reason, I scrolled all the way down to the bottom of the YouTube channel page and found the first video Max had made with her, back in March of 2014. It was during his Cars 2 obsession phase, and he was singing about how he wanted a Cars 2 pinata at his birthday party.

I don't have mom blinders on; Max has articulation challenges. But as I watched the older video, it was clear just how far his enunciation has come.

I could also see that he's better able to carry a tune and focus. Amanda used to have to sing a lot more to engage him, but now Max and she sing the songs together.

I could see that his vocabulary has improved.

I could see that his conversation skills have advanced. When Max noted that he was going to New York City and Amanda said, "Yes you are!" Max responded, "Yes we are!"

I could see that he's developed manners—when she gave him a ticket, he said "Thank you!" That wasn't happening a couple of years ago.

One thing that hasn't changed: Max's ebullience, good cheer, and joy for life. They've been there since he was a baby.

If you have some free time this holiday weekend—like, a whole three minutes!—go look at an old video of your child and savor the progress and all the feels.

Love and peace to you and your family on Thanksgiving.


  1. Please continue to support your child in any way possible

  2. Ellen, this is ace to watch. He's so on the ball, so engaged. I hope you know how many people out here are stoked to see his progress almost as much as you are. Go Fireman Max!!


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