Wednesday, July 13, 2016

15 perplexing questions about special needs parenthood

2. When you send two bills to the insurance company in the same envelope and they claim they never received one of them, where exactly did it go? 

3. Do you invoke bad karma for regularly telling your child that the store/fire station/zoo/car wash/whatever place he is obsessed with is closed?

4. Those people who stare at your child: Did their parents never tell them it’s rude to stare?

5. When the specialist doc’s assistant informs you that she can fit your child into his schedule in five months, what part of "My child needs to see the doctor" did she not understand?

6. Isn't it time wine was served at IEPs?

7. When your child won’t stop kick-kick-kicking the airplane seat in front of him, is it so very wrong to pretend you don’t know him?

8. How unhealthy is it for a kid to swallow a little toothpaste every single time?

9. Can the therapists actually tell when you’re not doing all the exercises with your child that you’re supposed to be doing? (Also hypothetically.)

10. When people say things like “God only gives special children to special people,” is it fine to respond, “No se hablo ingl├ęs”?

11. How can a child with fine-motor skill challenges have issues picking up pencils and toys but no issues whatsoever manipulating the TV remote control?

12. Is it cool to give your child mac ’n cheese for lunch and dinner? And snack? All on the same day?

13. Relatives who refuse to acknowledge your child’s unique needs or accommodate them: WHAT IS WRONG WITH THEM?

14. How is it your child can sense just how badly you want him to stay calm at an event and proceed to have the worst meltdown ever?

15. Is it normal to wish, some days, that hiding under your covers would solve all the problems?


  1. This looks like an inferior Ti grip.

  2. 10) it would actually be "No se hablo espanol". But seriously people really need to think before they speak!

    1. I would REALLY throw people off and say something like "Je ne parle pas le japonais."

  3. I'm a special ed teacher and I totally agree with the wine at IEP meetings. Totally.

  4. Though if you can reply in Mongolian that would be great! Or whatever the Dalai Lama's native tongue is.

  5. Aren't remote controls Universal Design for Learning, Ellen?

  6. What gets me, is that these things, these questions, relate just as well to moms with typical kids too! I have 2 typical kids and 1 not-so-typical, and, well, I've had all these thoughts in relations to all three of them! Parenting questions seem universal!

  7. Yes, to #5 and #10.....and also #6 isn't a bad idea!!


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